WWE News: Experts Believe Roman Reigns Should Be Replaced As ‘The Guy’ In WWE, Here’s Who They Want Instead

Roman Reigns is nothing if not a polarizing figure in the wrestling world. He’s so polarizing, in fact, that the latest WWE news suggests that the brass should consider at least four other wrestlers to replace Reigns as “that guy.”

According to Sportskeeda‘s latest round of WWE news, Roman Reigns earned the title of “The Big Dog” unfairly — that is to say, based solely on his good looks and his family pedigree, rather than his prowess in the ring.

The outlet suggests that there are at least ten other wrestlers that the WWE brass should push — including Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose, who are Reigns’ current and past stablemates in The Shield — but the biggest ones that the brass should be pushing are Finn Balor, Kevin Owens, Cesaro, and Kenny Omega.

Of the selections available, the outlet suggests that Kenny Omega may not be the preferred choice, but he’s definitely the most obvious choice.

Kenny Omega is best known for his work, of course, in The Bullet Club, and his name has frequently comes on the lips of many wrestling commentators because of his character’s “act” as well as his showmanship in the ring.

No less of an authority, in fact, than Stone Cold Steve Austin has endorsed Kenny Ortega as the heir apparent to Roman Reign’s throne, which the outlet believes is an undeserved one.

“The level of charisma he has is commendable and, a guy like Triple H who has turned NXT into a revolution certainly understands his potential. Even Vince McMahon knows how talented this man is and, it is just about time when WWE pulls the V-Trigger and brings Omega into the WWE and, pushes him to the moon. Roman Reigns may be the Golden Boy but, he will never be as good & charismatic as Kenny Omega,” they said.

Previous WWE news reports about Roman Reigns, unfortunately, was just as unflattering, because it concerned his involvement in a steroid ring. However, despite the terrible WWE news report, Reigns wasn’t fired for his alleged participation in the ring, and the investigation is still ongoing, with more details to be released as they become available.