Mark Salling’s Ex Tells All About Partying And Young Girls

A former girlfriend of Mark Salling is speaking out to say that the former Glee actor had some strange ideas about women and liked anyone he dated to dress up like a child. Aurelie Wynn, who dated Salling on and off, claims that Salling was attracted to her and others who could fit into child-sized clothes. Wynn said many of Salling’s fantasies involved having women dress up as children.

Aurelie Wynn Says She Wasn’t Surprised That Mark Salling Was In Trouble

Aurelie Wynn is one of the women who dated Mark Salling who weren’t shocked by the child pornography charges leveled against him. Mark Salling pleaded guilty to possessing over 50,000 images of child pornography, including photos and videos of children under the age of 10 involved in sex acts with adults.

In agreeing to a plea arrangement with the federal prosecutor, Mark Salling had to detail his crimes in writing. Salling was supposed to allocute at his sentencing next month, but his suicide prevented this from happening. Part of the charges against Salling involved possession of a how-to manual about seducing children.

“Defendant also possessed on his laptop computer a document called ‘jazzguide’, which is a manual that instructs adult men how to abuse little girls who are between three and six years old.”

Wynn Claims That Salling Liked Women To Dress Like Teen Girls

Aurelie Wynn, now 30, says that when she dated Mark Salling, her figure was that of a younger person, says Radar Online.

“Back then I looked really, really young. I always did the 18 and younger acting jobs, I had no boobs at all. My body was like that of a 12-year-old girl or boy. I used to be a manager at Abercrombie and Fitch and wore clothes from the kid’s department.”

Wynn says from her own experience and from others she heard that Mark Salling would ask the women he slept with to dress up. Wynn believed she was in an exclusive relationship with Salling around 2012, only to find out he was sleeping with others and had given her a venereal disease.

“I ended up getting chlamydia.”

In retrospect, Wynn says that Salling exhibited a general disrespect for women.

“He’d sometimes say ‘Oh if you’re not going to come, I’ll call someone else.’”

Wynn explains that while they were together, he also showed signs of substance abuse with regular marijuana and heavy drinking of vodka. She believed that Salling was self-medicating due to his struggle with depression. Wynn said that Salling’s drug and alcohol use peaked after the death of his friend Cory Monteith from a heroin overdose.

Aurelie Wynn said she finally stopped seeing Salling after she found bobby pins in his bed.

Aurelie Wynn Alleges That She Was Assaulted By A Friend Of Salling, Actor Ed Westwick

Another low point in Aurelie Wynn’s relationship with Mark Salling came when he introduced her to his friend, Ed Westwick, who is now having problems of his own after several women have accused him of sexual assault. Wynn claims that Ed Westwick raped her, and when she told her then-boyfriend Mark Salling about the assault, he shrugged it off.

“I told the guy I was seeing that I got raped, Mark Salling, and when he found out by who he pretended not to know him, then blamed me for it and broke it off with me.”