'One Piece' Creator To Reveal Luffy's Origin Story - Is Garp The Key To Unraveling His Past?

Longstanding anime One Piece is off to another great start this year. Though there have been various promising characters to come on the franchise, Luffy, the protagonist, will still be the top favorite. Because of that, the show creator is planning to dig deep into Luffy's past.

According to SegmentNext, One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda plans to give fans more details about Luffy and his birth story.

Oda's statement came along with the release of supplementary material for One Piece, the 28th Log Book. The Log Book is a magazine similar to The Weekly Shonen Jump but is entirely dedicated to One Piece. The publication started in 2005 and has continued over the years.

An English translation has been provided by one of the attendees of the press conference for 28th Log Book. In the translation, Oda mentioned that he will be diving into the deeper history of the major characters. This has already been noted by Comic Book, stating that there's a possibility to tackle Garp's backstory.

Oda said Garp is one of those characters he would like to introduce further to fans. Oda added that if he were to create an arc on Garp, it would be interesting to see his interaction between Akainu, Aokiji, Smoker, Hina, Coby, Cypher Pol, and Roger, who are all tied up to the Marines.

This then ties into what Oda initially said about his plans for unraveling Luffy's story.

Over the years, there have been a couple of hefty previews on Luffy's childhood, but the major plot points are still vague. If Oda would start to dive into Garp, who is Monkey D. Luffy's grandfather, they would eventually come to a conclusive point.

At the same time, Oda ponders the possibility of expanding the story of the Revolutionary Army as well. The fans were able to see the surface of the Dragon, but the show did not answer the main questions like the reason why they began a revolution and what they were fighting for.

Oda's statement also sparked a lot of fan theories. One of them is about the possibility of Luffy being conceived from Monkey D. Dragon together with a Celestial Dragon.

"Taking into account how the World Nobles resent commoners, they might have either killed or locked away his mother when they came to know of the deed."
This relationship could also give a solid foundation for why Monkey D. Dragon went to the Revolutionary Army instead of the government to avenge Luffy's mother. Then, he could have given Luffy to Garp "for safe-keeping."

There are no definite dates or timeline on when Oda would be translating this vision into the anime version, but fans are excited nonetheless.