‘Dragon Ball Super’ Might Have Revealed The Name Of Vegeta’s New Power-Up

Dragon Ball Super returned over the weekend showcasing the ultimate sacrifice that Vegeta did in pursuit of the promise he made to Cabba. Fans were in awe that despite Toppo’s godly power, the prince of all Saiyans was able to perform a counterattack that even impressed Jiren The Grey, the strongest Pride Trooper. Using his newest Super Saiyan power-up, the Universe 7 warrior knocked Toppo out of bounds. But what keeps fans buzzing is the name of the power-up that might have been revealed when Piccolo recognized it during the Tournament of Power.

During Dragon Ball Super Episode 126, Toppo went after Vegeta and overwhelmed the latter with his Justice Flashes attacks. When the leader of the Pride Troopers tossed a massive ki blast at the prince of all Saiyans, Vegeta thought about his family, his promise to Cabba, and the Saiyan pride. Apparently, he is determined enough to fight for them and suddenly started to retaliate, knocking the U11 warrior. Everyone was stunned.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 126 showed the Saiyan fighter charging up an enormous ki, something that Piccolo recognizes. Vegeta used this technique on Buu before, saying it’s the “Super Saiyan Blue and beyond that.” Although the name doesn’t sound proper, there are fans who still agreed to that name, including known DBS translator Todd Blankenship (@Herms98).

“We’re all going to start calling Vegeta’s new form ‘Super Saiyan Blue: Beyond That’ now, right?”

Some fans, though, suggest that the name of Vegeta’s recent power-up on Dragon Ball Super could be Beyond Super Saiyan Blue. Others suggest it might be Super Saiyan Beyond Blue or Super Vegeta Blue as the transformation looks similar to Super Vegeta’s original form, according to Comic Book. The prince of all Saiyans has been suspected to transform into Ultra Instinct as he had shown some signs in the last few episodes.

Vegeta and Goku trained under Universe 7 Angel Whis before on how to unlock Ultra Instinct. The first one to unleash the new form was Goku, who successfully transformed during his first match against Jiren The Grey. The transformation got fans even concerned especially with the hero’s new set of silver eyes that could have mirrored Zamasu’s. His traditional Super Saiyan spiked hair remains black.

Toei Animation, though, has yet to clarify the name of Vegeta’s newest power-up on Dragon Ball Super.

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