Nokia 3310 To Make Third Comeback, This Time With More 21st-Century Upgrades

Devina Belle

HMD Global is expected to bring back the Nokia 3310 sometime soon. The nostalgic phone takes another step closer to the 21st century with its latest return.

Soon after the revived Nokia 3310's release, HMD Global launched a 3G version of the brick phone. Now, the Finnish start-up is planning on re-releasing the nostalgic phone.

This time, however, the Nokia 3310 will debut with a full 21st-century makeover. Elle notes that the third iteration of the phone will maintain the overall look of the revived Nokia 3310. The phone will still come in cute candy colors, have an accessible keypad, and a small screen.

The only difference is that the latest version of the 3310 will come with a faster internet connection--just like any other smartphone--and will run 4G LTE. With the upgraded internet may come an improved operating system. According to Express, an Android-based OS may be in the works for the newest 3310, so it can run essential apps like Facebook and WhatsApp.

Unfortunately, some of the original nostalgic attributes of the revived 3310 were sacrificed with the addition of 4G. The LTE version's battery life significantly decreased from one month to just 5 hours.

HMD Global is speculated to release the 4G Nokia 3310 in China exclusively at first, reported Daily Mail. However, if demand is high for the 4G model, the Finnish company may decide to release it worldwide.