WWE News: The Real Reason Booker T Was Removed From ‘Raw’ Announcing Team

The WWE made a hugely surprising move when they removed Booker T from the accounting team on Monday Night Raw the day after the Royal Rumble. There was no warning, and the announcement came the day of the television show with Jonathan Coachman returning to the WWE and taking Booker T’s place on the WWE’s Monday night television show. The reason, initially, seemed to be that the WWE had agreed to bring back Coachman and Booker T was the most likely candidate to move to another position. However, in a recent statement on his Houston radio show Heated Conversations (via PWInsider), Booker T revealed the real reason the WWE removed him from the Monday Night Raw announcer’s booth.

Why Did Booker T Leave Monday Night Raw?

The final appearance of Booker T was as one of the announcers at the Royal Rumble. However, there were signs that things were going badly for a few weeks on Monday Night Raw. Michael Cole is the primary announcer while Corey Graves played the villain. Unlike SmackDown Live, which has a face-loving third commentator, Booker T’s role was less defined, and his comments often seemed nonsensical. This was something Corey Graves started to point out more frequently over time.

According to Booker T on his radio show, Corey Graves is the reason the WWE removed him from the Monday Night Raw announcer’s team. It started off strange, with Booker T saying that Graves is good at what he does, but if they got into a fight, Booker T would destroy him.

Those comments immediately make it sound like there are hard feelings between Booker T and Corey Graves. As for the reasons, Booker T went on and described what got him kicked off Monday Night Raw. Booker T said that production officials and the WWE’s top brass thought that he was going to attack Graves at any minute and destroy his commentating partner.

Booker T said that his WWE bosses took him aside and asked him to step back and regroup. They said that the tension between Booker T and Corey Graves on the air reached a point where they felt it was best to send Booker T back to the pay-per-view pre-shows so there wouldn’t be a chance for an incident.

What is scary is that Booker T said that he does have hard feelings towards Corey Graves for comments made during Monday Night Raw, with them throwing shade at each other. Booker T said that the WWE never had to worry about something happening at work, but if he sees Graves in the streets, he will do something to Graves, saying he would “tattoo him.”

The Future Of Booker T In The WWE

Booker T is moving back to the Monday Night Raw pay-per-view pre-show panels. This is a demotion for Booker T, and he openly said that he gets mean when someone messes with his green, and he said that Corey Graves messed with his income with his mouth and actions.

Booker T then called out Corey Graves to fight — not wrestle in a match — but fight. Graves is one of the top WWE announcers right now, and he had to retire due to concussion issues, so this is a scary moment, and it might be good for Graves that the WWE removed Booker T from Raw if that is how he feels.

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