Chicago West Makes A Cameo Alongside Kylie Jenner’s Baby Girl In New Pregnancy Video

Kylie Jenner has given birth to a baby girl, ending an era of speculation. Kylie shared the news on her Instagram Sunday afternoon, after staying absent from social media for over a month.

The new mom shared two separate posts, one contained a brief letter from Kylie explaining why she chose to keep her pregnancy private and officially announced the birth of her daughter, who came into the world on February 1. Loyal Kardashian/Jenner network, E!, also confirmed Kylie’s birth earlier today.

Fans were super excited to follow Kylie’s pregnancy journey but were even more excited when an unexpected member of the Kardashian Klan made an appearance.

The 11 minute and 32-second video captures the important moments of Kylie’s pregnancy, showing her baby bump growing from week to week. Fans got to watch several sonograms and were given a glimpse of her beautiful baby shower. Viewers were even given a special sneak peek at baby Chicago West!

Fans are shocked Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s newest addition made a cameo in the video, as the couple hasn’t publically revealed their baby to the world yet. Kylie can be seen cradling Chicago after Kim places her in her arms, and comments on how little the baby is. Seconds later, Kim reveals to Kylie that they are considering naming the baby Chicago, which Kylie admits she loves.

Dream Kardashian is also featured alongside Chicago, as Kylie’s brother Rob Kardashian looks on. While holding Chicago, Kim then jokes with Kylie about how certain parts of her body are going to feel after giving birth. Just moments later, it’s the big day for Kylie as her family gathers in the hospital.

During a blackout portion of the video, audio continues to roll and you can hear Kylie and Travis’ baby enter the world with her first cry. Just seconds later the picture comes back, and the couple reveals their baby girl to the world, who appears to be almost an exact replica of Chicago.

In under an hour, the YouTube video has over 430,000 views, and her video teaser on her Instagram has over 7.2 million. Kylie’s two Instagram posts are well on their way to becoming the most viewed and liked photos ever on the social media platform.

Congratulations to Kylie and Travis on their baby girl! Watch the full video below.