WWE News: Kevin Owens Reveals New Vince McMahon Altercation Details From ‘SmackDown’ Segment

Months after his in-ring altercation with Vince McMahon, WWE star Kevin Owens has now shared more details about what happened. The SmackDown Live superstar had an infamous confrontation involving the boss in the ring, as Vince McMahon showed up to confront his employee who had threatened to sue WWE. The angle was all part of the build towards a Hell in a Cell match where Vince’s son Shane would go up against Owens. During the SmackDown segment, Vince got into Owens’ face in the ring and ended up getting headbutted and beat up for it.

Since arriving at the WWE’s main roster, Kevin Owens has enjoyed a nice start to his career there. He’s held the United States and Universal Championships and has taken on the best in the business including legends like John Cena, Chris Jericho, and Goldberg. He’s also played the heel role exceptionally well with multiple storylines showcasing his skills. Several of those happened on SmackDown Live including taking out former friend Chris Jericho. He recently appeared on Jericho’s podcast, Talk is Jericho, and spoke about the big angle where he got to play the heel and beat up Mr. McMahon.

Sportskeeda‘s Soumik Datta indicated that while on Jericho’s show, Owens mentioned that the boss did a lot of cussing and trash talk during the segment. The brash WWE star got to headbutt and manhandle Vince McMahon in a way not many other superstars get to these days.

WWE Kevin Owens frogsplashes Mr McMahon

Owens brought up the fact that only one other individual in professional wrestling received a headbutt as hard as Vince got from him.

“The only person I had ever head-butted as hard was William Regal in NXT. I’ll tell you this much, nobody can accuse me of taking it easy on the boss.”

Kevin Owens would also say it was “surreal” seeing the boss bloodied and beaten up during that segment. It’s not every day an employee gets to have that sort of fun with the person running their company, let alone in a segment where “beating up the boss” is the objective.

In the highly-praised segment, Vince McMahon was considered the “hero” not just because he was attacked by the WWE heel. Vince also showed he was able to take a major bump or two in his early 70s. That had WWE fans raving about the CEO and Chairman’s continued dedication to providing a quality entertainment product. As far as Owens went, he was able to unleash on McMahon with several big moves including the headbutt and a Frogsplash off the ropes.

Even though Vince McMahon has shown himself to be in great shape at this age in his life, it’s likely his focus will shift away from those in-ring attacks from his superstars. However, Kevin Owens now can say he’s one of the lucky few superstars who got to kick the boss’ butt in the ring, an interaction he may savor for his entire career.