Kim Cattrall Takes To Social Media In An Effort To Locate Her Missing Brother

Sex and the City star, Kim Cattrall is reaching out to her fans, hoping they can spread the word and help locate her missing brother. Christopher Cattrall, who makes his home in Lacombe, Alberta in Canada, hasn’t been heard from since January 30, and, according to Kim, his wallet, keys, and cell phone were left on the table in his home, things he would never leave without. His seven “beloved” dogs also remained behind.

As well as posting a picture of her brother, Kim added a detailed description of him as well as what he usually wears to her 432,000 followers on Instagram and her 236,000 followers on Twitter, asking everyone to share and retweet the information. Calling him a “one of a kind brother,” the actress asks anyone with information to contact the Blackfalds Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Fans have responded in droves, retweeting and sharing the plea for the safe return of Christopher, or “Chris” as he is known to his family, prompting Kim to respond that the family was worried for his safety. RCMP began circulating information 13 hours ago on its own Twitter page as well. Just a few hours ago, Kim shared RCMP’s information on her Facebook page, adding that Chris would “never leave his seven beloved dogs.”

Katie Osmond, Chris’ stepdaughter, also posted a plea to Facebook, sharing three photos of him and telling her friends that he has been missing for four days. Two hours later, Katie shared a copy of Kim’s Instagram post, adding “If anyone has any information please please let me know. I know it’s hard to find people when they’ve gone missing. I’m praying that he comes home safe and unharmed.” Representatives from CTV National News and CityNews Edmonton have reached out to Katie after seeing her Facebook post.

Social media has proven to be an effective aid when attempting to locate missing loved ones as well as reuniting lost family members such as in the wake of the Manchester attacks and the Oakland wildfires. Kim has a social network of over half a million people. Just one retweet or share could make a difference in finding Christopher Cattrall.