Kate Middleton And Prince William Have Different Names In Different Locales, What Will Meghan and Harry Go By?

Kate Middleton and Prince William are known worldwide as being one of the most adored royal couples of the British monarchy and often jet-set to various locales on royal tours. By times, the busy parents are also able to escape for a much needed family getaway. The couple has just recently wrapped their latest royal tour in Norway and were front and center for some more events and photo ops which remind the masses why the two are so beloved.

Kate was radiant when the expectant mother attempted to begin a snowball fight with her hubby, who wasn’t having it, as Harper’s Bazaar relays. The pair, who the majority know as Kate Middleton, or the Duchess of Cambridge, and Prince William, or the Duke of Cambridge, interestingly enough, have different titles depending on the locale. This is also the case for William’s father, Prince Charles, and his wife, Camilla Parker.

Business Insider indicates how a visit to Scotland might result in confusion over what royals the locals there are referring to, seeing as they have an alternative title for Kate, William, and his father.

All three senior royals have different titles in Scotland, which has a completely separate system of nobility to England, and was a distinct country until 1707.

“Prince William was given the title Earl of Strathearn when he married Kate in 2011, and in keeping with that, Kate became the Countess of Strathearn, which is their proper title when in Scotland.”

As for Prince Charles, the father to Harry and William is known as the Duke of Rothesay in Scotland, while Camilla is known as the Duchess of Rothesay.

In Ireland, Middleton and Prince William have yet other titles that are used in reference to them — those being Baron Carrickfergus and Lady Carrickfergus. Prince Charles does not have an alternate title in Ireland, yet in Southwest England, the future king is known as the Duke of Cornwall.

Prince Harry is soon to marry Suits star Meghan Markle, and speculations are being made as to what remaining title the couple will adopt as their own. Experts have suggested that the favorite titles that the pair may be referred to as in England, are the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, as the publication notes. It is unclear as to whether Harry will have alternate titles in Scotland and Ireland at this point.