‘This Is Us’: NBC Releases Brutal Sneak Peek of Jack Waking Up His Family As Their House Is On Fire

Ron BatzdorffNBC

This is the day This Is Us fans have been waiting for. Ahead of the highly anticipated post-Super Bowl episode which promises to answer all fans’ burning questions about Jack Pearson’s (Milo Ventimiglia) death, NBC has released a brutal sneak peek that shows the Pearson patriarch waking up to discover that his house is on fire.

Last week, This Is Us viewers saw the origin of the fire—a crockpot with a faulty switch. The episode ended with fire tearing through the Pearson family’s kitchen and flames heading up the steps where four of the Pearsons were sleeping.

In the This Is Us sneak peek clip posted by Entertainment Tonight, Jack Pearson is seen waking up to a loud noise, and after taking a sip of water he notices smoke wafting in through the top of the bedroom door. When Jack opens the door, he sees the flame-engulfed hallway and immediately screams to his wife Rebecca (Mandy Moore) to wake up and put some shoes on. Jack then calls out to his sleeping kids, Randall and Kate (Niles Fitch, Hannah Zeile) to alert them to the horror. He tells his terrified kids to shut their doors and stay in the rooms, then begins to head downstairs to save Kevin (Logan Shroyer), his oldest son who sleeps in the basement. Rebecca tells Jack then Kevin is not home because he spent the night at his girlfriend Sophie’s house, and Jack pointedly asks her, “Are you sure?!”

The scene ends with Jack telling his wife to go in the bathroom and run every towel and sheet under water as he goes into superhero mode to get his two kids to safety. You can see the entire, tragic clip by clicking on the link in ET’s tweet below.


The clip seems to put an end to fan speculation that Jack Pearson died after going into the basement to save his son Kevin, who was on crutches at the time. But it should be noted that in a flashback scene on what is presumed to be the night of the fire, Kevin is shown sleeping in a station wagon. That may mean he didn’t actually sleep at Sophie’s, so if Jack or Rebecca tried to track him down as the fire was burning, they may have been told that he was not at Sophie’s house.

The This Is Us sneak peek is likely the opening scene from tonight’s buzzy Super Bowl episode. This Is Us executive producer Isaac Apatker told Entertainment Weekly that the Super Bowl episode would immediately open with the continuation of the Pearson house fire.

“It picks up right where episode 13 left off,” the This Is Us producer told EW. “It’s almost a ‘To Be Continued…'”

Aptaker also described the episode as “one of the most emotional episodes” of This Is Us thus far, but he promised it is not all doom and gloom.

“There is a silver lining to it, and there’s an uplift to the episode,” the This Is Us EP added. “While it’s incredibly intense in a lot of ways, there is beauty to it, and there is optimism to it. “

You can see how the fire started in the This Is Us clip below.

The special This Is Us Super Bowl episode airs Sunday, Feb. 4 after the Super Bowl on NBC.