‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 126 Fan Reactions: We Love Vegeta And Hate Jiren (As Usual)

After the Dragon Ball Super Episode 126 simulcast today, there are two things that are taking the internet: that Vegeta is back and Jiren is the worst antagonist the Dragon Ball universe has seen — according, at least, to the huge Dragon Ball Reddit and Twitter communities who have been with the series from the very start.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 126 paid homage to Vegeta, who has finally seen a solo kill after four consecutive shared wins with Goku, Gohan, Android 17, and Frieza in the last episodes. Vegeta’s battle with a full-fledged God of Destruction Toppo was a tight and exhilarating match, where Vegeta had to struggle to overcome Toppo’s Hakai power. But in the end, Vegeta pulls through with a Beyond Super Saiyan Blue Final Explosion, eliminating Toppo from the Tournament of Power and destroying much of the tournament arena.

Feedback and comments from the Dragon Ball Super Episode 126 was incredible, with everyone cheering for the victory of Vegeta. Halox22 from Reddit basically summed up everyone’s sentiments in a statement over at the Reddit Dragon Ball Super episode 126 discussion thread.

“Vegeta was done justice, feelsgoodman.

“Fought a person that was at maximum strength, didn’t lose and see someone get the win in front of him, had an emotional and an idealistic win over his opponent. This episode felt good.”

The Pride Troopers arc has been somewhat of a low hype for many Dragon Ball Super fans but the anime is finally building up momentum in the last episodes. The emotions were a record high for Vegeta in Episode 126 alone — and so were the Dragon Ball Super fans’.

Hands down, one of the highlights of the episode was when Vegeta called out the Pride Trooper out on his pride, and nothing can get more meta than that. Toppo threw away everything to gain ultimate power, which was something the Buu saga-Vegeta would have done. But Vegeta has grown since then and has finally realized that true strength lies in holding your ideals and what you cherish close to your heart.

Vegeta’s Saiyan pride, in the true fashion of “I cast nothing aside” has blown the internet to proportions, with the whole Dragon Ball Super community rallying behind the famed Saiyan.

Although many Dragon Ball Super and Vegeta fans were pleased to see Vegeta finally get his moment after everything he has contributed to the series so far, true-blue Vegeta fans are actually feeling that Vegeta’s win could be a bit “more.” DetectiveDangerZone defended his disappointment over at Reddit and said that while Vegeta long deserved that moment with an opponent that was on his level, Dragon Ball Super could’ve made him win with a better move.

“He deserved to be the one to beat God Toppo espeically with his amazing mini speech. But his way of doing it was pretty bad.

“Just Brute force when the episode before defiantly hinted at a weakness. I also feel that they just set up Toppo to get beat by Vegeta which isn’t fair to his Character. Toppo in his god mode literally did nothing but maybe take away Vegetas Stamina.

  1. 1. He didn’t get a single elimination despite being vastly more powerful than frieza or 17 (Makes him look like an idiot.
  2. 2. The damage he did to Frieza meant nothing and Frieza was back literally under a minute.
  3. 3. He was a entire waste, last episode hyping himself up just to be elminated and having no true lasting effect.

“Vegeta deserved a win but when a character was just set up to lose to him I feel like thats just pandering and something bad for both Vegeta and Toppo.”

On the other side of the spectrum, while people were cheering for that huge Vegeta moment, are the people on the bleachers hating on Jiren.

Jiren has been an immensely unpopular antagonist on Dragon Ball Super, not because he is not in any way an unworthy antagonist to Goku — he is just, well, too perfect. And who likes perfect? No one. Especially if you’re the antagonist.

In a nutshell, TinkleFairyOC calls Jiren the most boring antagonist in Dragon Ball Super, without any backstory or reason or drive unlike Frieza, Cell, and Majin Buu.

“Even as the main antagonist he’s boring. He’s no different from any of the other antagonists in the past other than the fact that there’s nothing to know about him. He’s the main antagonist in the arc, he’s really strong, stronger than Goku and Vegeta in fact. That means Goku is going to have to pull off some ridiculous power up to beat the guy. He doesn’t say a thing and has the personality of a brick wall.”

Some people, however, are still hopeful that Jiren would have some kind of exposition in the upcoming Dragon Ball Super episodes–lest he remain the “just a strong guy. That’s it.”

But for non-Jiren haters or Jiren-hopefuls out there, Dragon Ball Super episode 126 gave a very small giveaway where Jiren finally showed some sliver of emotion as he showed disappointed over Toppo losing to Vegeta. Might be a little out of character for the stoic Jiren, but that’s at least some emotions we’re finally seeing from him.

Spoilers and leaks are already abound for Dragon Ball Super episode 127 but until then, we’ll be on the lookout for more Vegeta loving and Jiren hating before Jiren deals with the remaining combatants from Universe 7–and yes, we’re talking about you, Goku.

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