Michelle Duggar’s Shocking Rebellious Past Revealed! The ‘Counting On’ Star Was Not Always So Conservative

Michelle Duggar is all about dressing modestly in public, but she wasn’t always that way. Prior to being Jim Bob Duggar’s wife and a loving, conservative mom on 19 Kids and Counting, Michelle was a bit of a rebel child living in a small town in Arkansas. Here’s a look at Michelle’s shocking past.

Michelle Used To Be A Cheerleader

According to Ok Magazine, Michelle was a cheerleader at Springdale High School in Arkansas and was a big fan of the mini skirt. Although Michelle now makes her daughters wear long dresses and baggy clothes, she was a lot more liberal in her fashion tastes as a teenager. And her rebellious ways didn’t end with a mini-skirt.

In fact, a former neighbor of Michelle, Raymond Yeatman, says that people complained because she wore a bikini whenever she’d mow her parent’s lawn. And this is the same woman who tells her children that they should cover everything from the neck to the knee.

“They were always trying to get her to cover up her legs. And so were her parents,” Yeatman explained. “I’ve seen commercials for the show, but I never in a million years would’ve believed that’s Michelle!”

Did Michelle Have Sex Before Marriage?

Michelle and Jim Bob enforce strict rules on their children when it comes to dating. This includes banning physical contact — aside from the occasional side hug — and being supervised at all times.

Although the kids are subject to these ultra-conservative rules, Michelle and Jim Bob got physical before they tied the knot. And according to Yeatman, Michelle dated more than one guy in high school and may have hooked up with one of them before meeting Jim Bob. Michelle has not responded to these rumors.

Michelle Changed After High School

On the whole, the Duggars are intolerant of other people’s lifestyle choices, but Michelle wasn’t always that way. She might hold an anti-gay stance today, but her former high school buddy, Sherri McFerrin, says that Michelle was the sweetest person she knew in school. McFerrin says that Michelle loved everyone, regardless of what they believed or how they lived.

Watching the show, McFerrin now can’t believe how Michelle now discriminates against marginalized people in America, calling her “a hateful bigot.”

The Duggars Are Slowly Rebelling

Although Michelle and Jim Bob do their best to keep their daughters under control, they are already starting to rebel, especially when it comes to clothing.

Jinger Duggar was the first to break the family’s strict clothing rules when she wore shorts.

Jessa Duggar then shared a photo of herself wearing pants, a rule Michelle usually strictly enforces. But that was only the tip of the iceberg.

Last year, Joy-Anna Duggar was accused of getting pregnant before tying the knot while Jill Duggar just showed off her new tattoo on social media.

Even Michelle got in on the fun and wore shorts on the beach during the family’s latest vacation.

It isn’t clear what is happening with the Duggars, but could they be relaxing a little on their strict rules?

Keep up with Michelle Duggar and the rest of the Duggar Family when new episodes of Counting On premiere later this month.

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