Model Agyness Deyn "Too Famous" For Burberry

It looks like major brand Burberry is set to drop their British model poster girl Agyness Deyn because she's made herself too recognizable and over-exposed. If you believe what you hear (which I have been lately-- can nobody keep a secret anymore?), she's not being cut for bad behaviour or clandestine drug use, but because photographer Mario Testino just isn't feeling it anymore.

According to insider sources, Testino expressed that "She was just a flash in the pan. Last year she was quirky but now she is challenging [Kate] Moss in the fame stakes by positioning herself everywhere." The source also admitted that "That kind of popularity just hasn't sat well with Mario, who is looking for something different."

If one thing's for sure, Burberry's had enough of the chavs, and maybe Agyness's wild side is treading too close for comfort. Perhaps they can't handle someone who'll jump off a building nude without blinking an eye?