'Vikings' Season 5, Episode 11 Theory: Rollo Possibly Returned To Save Lagertha, Bjorn's Parentage Questioned

Big things are bound to happen in the second half of Vikings Season 5. Ivar the Boneless was somehow victorious thanks to the help of his uncle Rollo. However, the Duke of Normandy's arrival in Kattegat might have little to do with helping his nephew win the civil war. There is a possibility that Rollo has returned in hopes to reconnect with Lagertha in Vikings Season 5, Episode 11 and to solve a mystery from the first season.

In "Moments of Vision," Hvitserk managed to convince Rollo to send the Frankish Army to help Ivar the Boneless in the civil war. Unfortunately, the Vikings Season 5 mid-season finale concluded with Lagertha suffering a major loss that left her with white hair and a lost expression on her face. However, it looks like someone might be able to rescue the Queen of Kattegat from her tragic fate in Vikings Season 5, Episode 11. Will the Duke of Normandy try to save the woman he once loved when the History series returns?

Michael Hirst has teased the possibility that Rollo has returned to Kattegat in an effort to reconnect with Lagertha. The Vikings Season 5 creator revealed to IGN that the Duke of Normandy is eager "to deal with things that were never dealt with in the past, all the way back to Season 1." Interestingly, Hirst pointed out an old mystery that once had fans scratching their heads.

"There were all sorts of stories that were hinted at back in the first year, for example, the notion of whose son Bjorn actually is."
Bjorn Ironside was first introduced as a young boy in the first season, and it was also indicated that Lagertha and Rollo were once together. Although the possibility of Bjorn being Rollo's son was teased, the possibility has since been forgotten. Nevertheless, the mystery could finally be solved in Vikings Season 5, Episode 11.

Alexander Ludwig as Bjorn Ironside in Vikings Season 5

But is it possible that Lagertha will finally be killed by Ivar the Boneless in the back end of the fifth season? Some fans are hoping that Rollo will do everything in his power to make sure the Queen of Kattegat will survive a little longer. There are speculations that the two will finally be reunited in Vikings Season 5, Episode 11.

The Vikings Season 5, Episode 11 air date has not yet been announced. However, the series is expected to return to History by fall 2018.