'Celebrity Big Brother' Spoilers: Showmance Possibilities For 'CBB US' – Will Love Spark?

Celebrity Big Brothers spoilers tease that there are plenty of differences between this season and those of regular non-celeb Big Brother. For one, the houseguests have an espresso machine, more games to occupy their time, a much smaller backyard thanks to evolving sets, plus a roof to shield the celebrities from bad weather during competitions. But one other factor is that each will have their own bed. Given how much snuggling there usually is under covers in BB, is there a chance for a showmance in the Big Brother: Celebrity Edition house?

Which CBB US HGs Are Married?

Several of this season's celebrity houseguests are hitched so we must assume they are not in the market for romance in the house. The five CBB HGs that are married include ultimate fighter Chuck Liddell who's been wed to Heidi Northcott for half a decade. Sugar Ray frontman Mark McGrath is hitched to Carin Kingsland, and they're parents to twins.

Former Cosby kid Keshia Knight Pulliam has been married for two years to former NFL hottie Edgerton Hartwell. Broadway phenom Marissa Jaret Winokur has been married for more than a decade to producer Judah Miller. Finally, Omarosa Manigault married Pastor John Allen Newman last year, and their nuptials were held at the Trump Hotel in DC.

Who Was In A Relationship Before CBB US?

In addition to those that are married, several of the Celebrity Big Brother houseguests are in serious relationships. Shannon Elizabeth said in her ET interview when asked about a showmance that she's happy in her current relationship and said she hopes other celebs wouldn't consider a showmance because "it's not good gameplay" and says the celebrities should know better since they are older and wiser than the usual BB player.

Metta World Peace has been seeing girlfriend Shin Shin for years, and former Miss Columbia Ariadna Gutiérrez has reportedly been involved with Italian millionaire Gianluca Vacchi for almost a year. Finally, the hilarious Ross Matthews has been with his partner Salvador Camarena for a decade, whom he calls his "Latin lover."

Two Celebs Might Be Up For A Showmance

There are two celebrities that are single (or close to being single), attractive, and that might offer some showmance or showmance-adjacent action for Celebrity Big Brother watchers. Brandi Glanville broke up with her boyfriend Donald Friese just a couple of weeks before heading into the CBB US house blaming women on Instagram for wrecking her 18-month relationship.

Also single is singer and actor James Maslow who admitted in his ET interview that he's been single for years but just started dating someone recently. The actor-singer was quick to qualify that they're not GF/BF. Maslow also said, "if I meet somebody cool, then great" implying he might be up for a romance but then reversed course and said it "might be disrespectful" to get into a showmance.

If a showmance does spark, Maslow and Granville seem the two most likely to go there given their romantic status. Granville is a few years older than Maslow, but undeniably gorgeous, if a little wild, as RHOBH watchers know. On the plus side, in another interview, Maslow said he's "used to putting up with crazy personalities" and that covers Brandi for sure.

What do you think Big Brother fans? Will the celebs stick to their own beds and keep their hands off each other or could a celebrity showmance happen? Be sure to set your DVR using this schedule, check out the CBB US live feeds sneak peek, a rumored 12th houseguest, and see how much everyone's getting paid for the BB gig. Watch CBS Wednesday night for the start of the Big Brother: Celebrity Edition three-night premiere and check back here often for the latest Celebrity Big Brother spoilers.