Taylor Swift: Harry Styles Allegedly Dumped Swift Because Of Her ‘Asexual’ Tendencies

Taylor Swift was supposedly dumped by Harry Styles because she is allegedly “asexual” and rarely “put out,” according to claims by source claiming to be a close friend of the blonde singer. Swift’s love life woes may cause her to shed a few tears, but the ongoing string of failed relationship keep name constantly in the headlines.

Harry Styles, 18, has reportedly developed a reputation as a ladies’ man in his native England. Swift, 23, only dated the One Direction singer for a short time after her most recent breakup with a member of the Kennedy clan.

The Radar Online source had this to say about the Taylor Swift asexual demeanor claims:

“Taylor is so concerned that the public will think she’s a w***r because she dates around that she doesn’t put out. What she doesn’t get is that the guys keep dumping her because she’s being a prude.”

Since none of Swift’s most recent romances appear to span more than a few months, perhaps her moral views are a bit refreshingly old-fashioned more than prudish. The “Never, Ever, Ever Getting Back Together” singer allegedly enjoyed talking about antiques.

Taylor’s intellectual hobbies were supposedly yet another turn-off for Harry Styles. A different source claimed that the One Direction singer thought Swift was “sexually uninterested.” The supposed insider had this to say about the Taylor Swift and Harry Styles split:

“While it was clear she obviously had a thing for Harry, Taylor didn’t want to put out as often as he would’ve liked. Harry is a young boy, with ladies throwing themselves at him and has had a string of relationships with older women. Taylor just wasn’t up for it as much as he is. They were sexually incompatible.”

A Daily Star source offers a different take on the Harry Styles and Taylor Swift break up. The alleged insider claims that Swift called it quits because she was tired of the frequent attention the One Direction singer was getting from female fans.

Do you think Taylor Swift’s decision not to just hop from one bed to another will hurt her chances at finding lasting love, or do you commend her for her morality?