It’s Yankees Or Dodgers For Yu Darvish, Rangers Are Out On The Sweepstakes

The spring training season is just around the corner, but many of the top MLB free agents are still in the market, including Yu Darvish. Over the past weeks, news has been circulating that Darvish’s signing with the Chicago Cubs is imminent. But there are speculations that the 31-year-old starting pitcher is just waiting for either the New York Yankees or the Los Angeles Dodgers to make him the offer he wants.

Darvish is waiting for Yankees or Dodgers

According to reports, Yu Darvish is seeking a salary of around $175 million in a multi-year deal. Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic said Darvish is just biding his time to see if either the Yankees or the Dodgers would be making such an offer to him, via Yahoo! Sports.

Rosenthal said the chances that the Yankees and the Dodgers will come up with that offer is slim, but still it is not off the table. The Yankees, however, would need to make a big salary trade to make it happen, like Jacoby Ellsbury. Randy Miller of said the Yankees would have a better rotation with the addition of Darvish, but they would not be able to get him on the cheap.

The Dodgers, meanwhile, may already have the funds to sign Darvish, but they also want to stay below the $195 million luxury tax threshold. The Dodgers is Yu Darvish’s number one choice, and he has previously expressed his desire to return to the team. According to MLB Daily Dish, the Dodgers are already working on moving assets such as Yasmani Grandal and Logan Forsythe so they can clear up some space on their payroll to bring Darvish back.

Rangers are out on Darvish sweepstakes

The Texas Rangers said it does not expect to be the one pushing to make a deal with Darvish. On Friday, GM Jon Daniels said that they have maintained contact with Darvish, but it is unlikely for the club to bring in an upper-end pitcher now. His statement suggests that other top free agents such as Jake Arrieta, Alex Cobb, and Lance Lynn are out of the question as well.

“It’s very unlikely that we’re ultimately going to bring in one of the upper-end pitchers at this point.”

Other teams that are in the race to have Darvish in their roster are the Cubs, the Brewers, the Phillies and the Twins. The Cubs are the frontrunner and are reportedly willing to go as high as a six-year deal for Darvish.

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