Melania Trump’s Body Language At The #SOTU Reveal What Is Really Going On With Her Marriage, Experts Weigh In

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Melania Trump and President Trump started the new year off this week with their first State of the Union address. Although Melania was present to support her husband’s initiatives in 2018, some experts believe her body language tells a completely different story.

Was Melania Sending Trump A Message?

According to NBC 4i, Melania wore an all-white pantsuit worth a staggering $6,000. The suit was reminiscent of what Hilary Clinton would often wear during the election in 2016. The same color was also used for the suffragette movement. Melania’s choice of attire led some experts to wonder if she was trying to send her husband a message.

Over the past few weeks, Trump has fought rumors that he cheated on Melania in 2006 with adult film star Stormy Daniels, accusations he and Daniels firmly deny.

What About Melania’s Body Language?

Melania smiled when the crowd stood and clapped for her, but some experts believe that she was anything but happy. Body language expert Tonya Reiman pointed out that Melania did not make eye contact with the crowd and offered what looked like weak applause.

To make matters worse, Melania didn’t even ride with Trump to the SOTU, something first ladies usually do. A rep at the White House assured the public that they didn’t ride together because Melania wanted to greet people at the event while Trump wanted to start his speech right away. The two did return home in the same motorcade.

“She seems to just be going through the motions,” Reiman shared.

Melania Sits During Ovation

Melania set Twitter on fire during her husband’s speech when she was caught sitting through one of the many standing ovations. When Trump talked about the importance of family, the camera panned to Melania, who was sitting while everyone around her stood for the ovation. Fans on Twitter quickly noticed the misstep and speculated that she was making a statement considering the alleged Stormy Daniels affair. They also made fun of the moment and bashed Trump for touting family values.

Inside Trump’s Affair

Trump allegedly cheated on Melania back in 2006. He supposedly hooked up with Daniels after meeting at a celebrity golf tournament and inviting her back to his hotel room. The affair happened early in Trump and Melania’s marriage and months after she had given birth to their son, Barron.

Trump also allegedly paid Daniels a large sum of money to keep quiet about the incident a few months prior to the 2016 election. Shortly after the cheating scandal broke, Melania canceled a trip to Davos with Trump. She claims that she was forced to change plans because of scheduling issues.

After canceling the Davos trip, Melania made an unannounced visit to the Holocaust Museum in Washington and then jetted to Mar-a-Lago, where she remained out of the public eye until the State of the Union address. Before the speech, Trump and Melania had not been spotted together since January 15.

Trump continues to deny that he cheated on Melania Trump with Daniels, who also says the affair never happened.