Eagles Offer Haley Parks Super Bowl Tickets After She Expresses Horror At Missing Game In Post Surgery Video


Haley Parks, the Rutgers student whose post-wisdom tooth extraction video went viral, has caught the attention of her favorite football team, the Philadelphia Eagles. In a dental stupor following the procedure, her family filmed her as she expressed horror that she may have missed the Super Bowl and was deeply concerned her favorite players wouldn’t know how much she supported the team. Due to the hilarious and heartwarming video, the Eagles reached out to the young woman, with two tickets to the Super Bowl.

On Friday evening, the Eagles reached out to Haley on Facebook, posting her video and captioning it with, “Hey Haley, we’ve got two tickets waiting for you in Minnesota.”

Haley’s father, Bob, posted the video of his daughter on Facebook just after a wisdom tooth extraction, according to NJ Advance Media. The footage has been viewed by millions and likely garnered the attention of the Eagles after the family tagged the team, Carson Wentz, Nick Foles, and Jalen Mills on Twitter.

The video features Haley, 21, in a Rutgers hoodie, looking a bit dazed and confused after her dental procedure. She has a mouth full of cotton and after pondering whether her chin is still intact, her main concern is was the Super Bowl.

Due to having a literal cotton mouth, Haley’s speech is somewhat obstructed, but she manages to speak about her love for the Eagles and the hope they will win the big game on Sunday. At one point, she tears up and says, “Did I miss the Super Bowl?” Haley’s mother reassures her that she did not miss the game, but Haley is still not convinced, saying “Oh my God! Are you sure?”

Haley goes on to say she wants the “Eagles to win so bad.” When her mother tells her everything is fine and the Eagles will play in the Super Bowl on Sunday, Haley asks with all sincerity, “Can I go?” Her mother tells her they don’t have money for a ticket, but she’s sure the Eagles will know Haley is rooting for them to win the Super Bowl.

Looking wide-eyed, Haley questions how anyone on the team will know she’s hoping they win and her mother simply says, “Tell them.” Haley’s mother then chuckles when her daughter replies, “How am I going to tell the Mom? I don’t have their telephone numbers!”

After expressing concern for an injury sustained by Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz, Haley proclaims the New England Patriots defense is not very good. She then says, “Who cares about Tom Brady?”

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After the Eagles offered her the Super Bowl tickets, Haley said she was “freaking out” while her family attempted to secure a flight to Minneapolis so she can make it to the big game on Sunday, reports NJ Advance Media.

Haley, who hails from Williamstown, New Jersey, told NJ Advance Media that she’s taking her father to the Super Bowl with her because he “raised” her on “Philly sports.” She also noted that her mother totally understands her decision to use the additional ticket on her dad.