‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For Feb. 5-9: Sonny’s Daddy Issues, Jason Wants To Give Up, Nelle Tempts Ava

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Getting back to Port Charles has been a considerable challenge for Jason Morgan, and General Hospital spoilers tease he is on the brink of giving up. Carly (Laura Wright) will comfort Jason and tell him to push forward. Sam may have chosen Drew (Billy Miller) over him, but this doesn’t mean that the woman he once loved is entirely over him.

Corinthos Family Drama

Carly will be quite the busybody. Michael will also feel thankful, according to General Hospital spoilers from Soap Hub. It appears like Carly will be more patient with Nelle. She will also assist with Sonny’s (Maurice Benard) confusion over his father’s condition.

General Hospital spoilers tease Sonny will receive a call, and it seems like his father is in trouble. He will not be too thrilled when he gets a call, but as previewed by GH co-head writer Shelly Altman, the mob boss will think his father needs someone to clean up after his mess. His old man is a gambling addict after all.


During his visit to his father’s place, he will get the vibe that there is something wrong. Sonny won’t be able to figure out what is wrong with his father right away. Sonny will have a conversation with his father, and General Hospital spoilers tease Sonny will worry about his dad. Apparently, Sonny will have to deal with his father’s mysterious illness in the upcoming weeks.

General Hospital spoilers tease Nelle will make a move, and Ava (Maura West) might not succeed in turning over a new leaf. Nelle will approach her with the tempting news that Carly is not a problem anymore. Dirty work has always been right up Ava’s alley and with Nelle on her side, she might not want to pass off this opportunity.

Bad girl Ava might make a comeback soon.

Anna’s Complicated Life Story

Next week, Anna and Finn will bond with each other. These two seem to have developed a deeper connection over the past few weeks thanks to their team up against Cassandra.

There will be more drama ahead for Anna who will admit that she had a child with Faison. Spoilers tease she will look into the fate of that child and try to figure out if Henrik is her child.

Other General Hospital spoilers reveal Lulu and Peter will meet and Alexis will ask Sam for some help.