Matt Roloff Celebrates With Jacob And Izzy, Amy Gets Visit From Molly And Joel

Thos RobinsonGetty Images

If there’s one thing the Roloff family loves to do, it’s to get together and eat. Matt had a simple dinner with Jacob and his fiancee Isabel Rock to celebrate their engagement while Amy hosted their daughter Molly Jo and son-in-law Joel Silvius for some snacks.

“Having a dinner celebration with my favorite newly engaged couple,” Matt said on Instagram and Facebook. “Congratulation again Jacob and Izzy.”

The celebration was not grand in any way as the trio had a simple dinner in what seems like a Chinese restaurant. Most of the fans congratulated the couple, as well as Matt, for the engagement, though there was at least one person who thought Jacob and Izzy are a bit too young to settle down.

“I want Jacob to be happy, but he is so young for marriage,” said one concerned fan who mentioned she has a grandson the same age as Jacob. “I could not even imagine [my grandson] getting married at such a young age. I truly want Jacob to be happy, though.”

One fan joked it was Matt’s turn to get married since his youngest son is set to marry. While it was supposed to be an innocent comment, fans quickly jumped in to reprimand each other for their unwarranted comments. One person told the first one to let Matt take things slow similar to what many advice Amy to do regarding her relationship with Chris Marek. She also reminded people the post was about Jacob and Izzy, so she shouldn’t make it about Matt and Caryn.

Another person criticized Matt for allegedly cheating on Amy, saying he would “walk away with less” if he marries Caryn. She also said it would “serve him right for hop[p]ing between the sheets while still married.”

Speaking of Amy, the Little People, Big World matriarch got a visit from their daughter Molly and her husband Joel. The Silvius couple got a helping of some baked goodies from her Amy Roloff’s Little Kitchen business.

Amy said she got some input from the couple about her cookies and other baked products and she’s delighted they enjoyed the treats.

A few followers didn’t appreciate Amy selling her stuff through social media. One person said she’s disappointed of celebrities using Instagram to sell “cr*p” to their followers. She then indicated she’s unfollowing Amy. Another even boasted she has her own recipes after saying she was unfollowing Amy because of her tendency to “sell [her] baked goods with pics of [her] kids.” Of course, other followers came to Amy’s defense.

One woman said people peddle products on social media including Instagram simply because they are “One of the top places for marketing and selling things.” Other followers told the critical fan to just go ahead and unfollow Amy.

Another fan put it correctly when she said Amy is a businesswoman.

“[Amy] shares her family with us, and personal details of her life along with the fruits of her business,” the fan said. “I appreciate her posts about the family we fans love, as well as her yummy baked goodies.”

Despite the criticisms Matt and Amy receive regarding their relationship and the way they use their own social media accounts, the former couple agrees family is the most important thing to them. Matt previously called out “fake news” claiming members of the Roloff family are feuding, among other rumors. Amy, meanwhile, continues to host food gatherings to get the family together from time to time.