'Little People, Big World': Jackson Roloff Is Officially Crawling Like A Champ

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Little People, Big World's Jackson Roloff has been working hard to up his crawling game over the last several weeks.

In December, mom Tori Roloff posted that Baby J was getting around by rolling, and in January, she updated LPBW fans with the news that he was starting to crawl. There were some follow-up videos of his efforts, which consisted mainly of the little guy reaching and kicking his legs.

But now comes visual confirmation that Jackson Roloff is actually crawling!

On Feb. 1, Tori posted a series of videos on Instagram Stories showing her son crawling around on the floor of the Portland, Oregon, home she shares with her husband, Zach Roloff.

In one sequence, Baby J starts to crawl toward his dad, and Tori says, "Look at that kid, he is on the move!"

In another, Jackson crawls across the rug toward Tori, making determined -- and adorable -- sounds the whole way. "We are in trouble," she laughs to Zach, knowing that their son is now going to get into much more mischief.

As if to prove her point, Baby J flops on his back just as he reaches the edge of the carpet and bangs his head on the hardwood floor. But don't worry, a little bump on the head isn't going to slow this guy down!

As Tori captions on the video, "He takes bonkin' his head like a champion!"

Later, Tori posted another clip of Jackson crawling to the door in his nursery and scooting himself along in an effort to close it.

"He's obsessed with the door," she wrote.

Fans should get to witness Jackson's burgeoning crawling abilities and many more of his adorable antics in the upcoming season of Little People, Big World. According to Zach's twin brother, Jeremy Roloff, LPBW camera crews are in their final days of filming and the latest installment of the show will begin airing sometime in March.

The new season will have a lot of exciting ground to cover. Since last season's finale--which ended with Jackson's birth--Molly Roloff married her boyfriend, Joel, Jeremy and his wife, Audrey, welcomed their baby daughter, Ember Jean, Jacob Roloff got engaged, and Amy Roloff and Matt Roloff continued their post-divorce romances with new partners.

Little People, Big World returns to TLC in March 2018.