'Black Ink Crew': Young Bae Confirms Her Pregnancy After Sky Suggests She Is Lying

On Wednesday night, a new episode of Black Ink Crew focused on tattoo artist Young Bae and her backstory of family violence at the hands of her allegedly violent father back in South Korea. After a tattoo-a-thon raised more than enough money to send Young Bae and several of her Black Ink Crew castmates back to her native country in search for her mother, as usual, there was a lot of drama.

When Donna Lombardi started feeling sick during the trip, Young Bae insisted that she must be pregnant. Despite all of Donna's rebuttals, Bae and Teddy go out and buy a stack of pregnancy tests and insist that Donna take one. She didn't want to do it and said she only would take a pregnancy test if Young Bae takes one with her. So, naturally, the women are stuffed inside a tiny bathroom while Donna uses the bathroom and takes the pregnancy test.

After Donna is done, it's Young Bae's turn. She obviously thinks she's just being supportive of her friend and never expects that she might be the one that is pregnant. Imagine her surprise when Teddy starts examining the sticks and determines that one of them is, in fact, pregnant.

Later in the episode, the whole crew is back together and Young Bae is revealing the pregnancy shocker to the group. That's when Sky decides that there's not enough drama and proceeds to tell Bae that something is off. Not one to ever hold back, Sky confronts Bae.

"I feel bad for saying this but I find it really hard to believe that your mom's missing first, now you're pregnant, and we haven't met anyone from your life... Something's not adding up."

It turns out that Young Bae may not have been so honest about the level of danger her mother was living in. We're still not sure what is going on with that storyline and situation.

When it comes to Young Bae's pregnancy, though, it turns out that it was real. The Black Ink Crew star took to Instagram on Friday with a brand new picture and announcement. Bae reported that she is currently five months pregnant with her first child.

In her pregnancy announcement, Bae also admitted that she's currently seeing a therapist in an attempt to stop the cycle of abuse.

"Have y'all ever heard of the saying 'hurt ppl hurt ppl'??" Bae asked on Instagram. "Im so scared if I'm gonna be that person to my baby. I'm seeing a therapist so I can let go of my pain for now."

Congratulations to Young Bae on her pregnancy. As her Instagram handle suggests, she really is blessed. To see what else is going on with Bae and her Black Ink Crew castmates, tune in to VH1 on Wednesday night at 9/8 Central for a special Behind the Ink episode.