Carrie Underwood Shown In Newly-Released Video Of Recent Traffic Stop, Fans 'Can't Stop Watching'

Carrie Underwood was recently involved in a traffic stop for allegedly speeding, and newly-released video shows the 34-year-old country singer's reaction during the stop that has fans saying they "can't stop watching."

The "Champion" singer revealed on her Twitter account just a few days ago that she had been pulled over for the first time in 18 years for speeding. Carrie Underwood also shared that the traffic stop in Brentwood, Tennessee, "may or may not have" left her crying in her car afterward.

After ending her tweet with #ImSorry, fans immediately started asking if Carrie received a ticket or a warning during the stop. In a video from Wednesday, Inside Edition questioned whether Carrie Underwood was now an "outlaw." The short video also shows that Carrie managed to stay composed and "very polite" while speaking to the officer.

Underwood's traffic stop left her leaving with only a "verbal warning," and the dashcam video, which was recently released by the police department in Brentwood, clearly lets fans hear her conversation with the officer. In response to being asked why she was in such a hurry, Carrie Underwood replies that she actually "wasn't even paying attention" to her speed.

Carrie goes on to say in the dashcam video clip that she knows "that's no excuse" for driving over the speed limit, which was reportedly only 30 miles per hour. Oddly enough, while Carrie Underwood has been trying to keep a low-profile since her fall back in November, her face can be seen in the driver's side rear-view mirror.

The Inside Edition video actually zooms in to better show Carrie Underwood's face during the traffic stop. Some comments are asking "how this is news," but some fans of Carrie Underwood are saying that they "can't stop watching" the dashcam video.

Still, other comments say that Carrie Underwood should be given some privacy since she has chosen to conceal her face after revealing that her "hard fall" left her with more than just a wrist injury. Fans are still anxiously waiting for photos of Carrie's supposed "different look" after revealing that she had up to 50 stitches to repair her injuries from the fall that she took off of the steps at her Nashville, Tennessee, home, according to USA Today.

Pop Culture shared recently that Carrie Underwood just wants her fans to know that she might look "a bit different" when she's ready to get back in front of the camera. The Carrie Underwood "fan club" speculates several reasons why she might have a different look, due to several ongoing rumors, as noted by Christian Today, including that she might have a "pregnancy glow" in her face, she might be sporting a baby bump, or she might have gone "under the knife" for a nose job.