Tyson Kidd Shares His Thoughts On Samoa Joe Ending His Pro Wrestling Career


It is always both physically and emotionally draining for a professional wrestler to know that his or her career is over as a result of an accidental injury in the ring. The latest account of this is Paige taking a kick in the back from Sasha Banks during a recent WWE Live event, which caused her to collapse after trying to get back on her feet. The referee would throw up the “X” sign, which indicates that a real injury has occurred, and she had to leave the ring. This would be the last time she would compete in a WWE ring, and lately, Paige has been managing Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose on Raw.

Darren Drozdov is another example of being permanently injured in the ring. In a match against D-Lo Brown, Droz landed incorrectly, causing him to be paralyzed. Although his movement has increased since the injury occurred nearly 20 years ago, he is still forced to spend his life in a wheelchair.

In 2015, Tyson Kidd had a match against Samoa Joe at a WWE Live event. Joe broke Kidd’s neck while performing his signature Muscle Buster move, which caused Kidd to experience a serious injury. A year later, Kidd provided an update on his condition, saying that he cannot feel his head the way he did before the mishap. However, he has remained optimistic, and he is focused on his recovery.


Kidd would recently give more words of encouragement, stating, “Forward is forward, no matter what the pace. Took me a long time to feel right again.” A fan would say that he gets happy every time Samoa Joe gets hurt. Kidd made sure to express that he has zero animosity against Joe, and he found him backstage the first day back after his injury and had a “good heart to heart” with him.

As of now, Kidd, 37, can only hope that he gets healthy enough to return to the ring. However, as with Daniel Bryan and Paige, WWE might be reluctant to have him step in the ring again, and he may have to settle for a backstage role for the rest of his WWE career.