CES 2013: iBaby Labs Introduces Baby Monitor M2, Exactly What ‘Parents Are Asking For’

California-based iBaby Labs debuted several mobile, easy-to-use baby products at CES in 2013. One of them, first introduced at Pepcom, was the iBaby Monitor M2, a baby monitor thank links up to an iOS app and features a sleek, futuristic design.

The iBaby Monitor M2 is an updated version of iBaby Labs’ first baby monitor. The new device adds a rechargeable battery and an interesting design (pics below). The iBaby Monitor M2 allows parents to hear and monitor their child through a free downloadable app on their iOS device.

The rechargeable battery in the iBaby Monitor M2 helps parents move the camera freely from room to room without needing to plug the camera in. This helps parents keep up with the child no matter where they’re at with the ease of mobile.

Additionally, a two-way audio feature helps parents hear and even speak to their baby without the aid of an external speaker system. This is an improvement over the original iBaby monitor.

“These new products are compelling, easy to use and what parents are asking for,” said Adam Lin, iHealth Labs general manager. “The iBaby Monitor M2 and iBaby HeartSense provide parents with a sense of confidence in their baby’s health by tracking their heart rate and providing a mobile window on their child’s life using their iPhone or iPad.”

You can check out a small gallery of images of the iBaby Monitor M2 below, but let us know what you think: Does this seem like a useful device for parents out there?