Jeremy Roloff Says ‘Little People, Big World’ New Season To Air In March, Shares Behind-The-Scenes Snippets

Audrey Mirabella RoloffInstagram

Good news, Little People, Big World fans! According to Jeremy Roloff, the long-running family-oriented reality show will be returning to television very soon.

The Roloff family members are currently filming the last few scenes of the new season. On Thursday, Jeremy posted some behind-the-scenes snippets on his Instagram Stories. The short clips show Jeremy and his wife Audrey being interviewed by the LPBW film crew in their cozy home. Their four-month-old daughter, Ember Jean, was also with them.

“We’re currently wrapping up some scene-work for the season here. Last couple of scenes!” the 27-year-old reality star said in one of his IG Stories.

Little People, Big World last aired in June 2017. According to In Touch, the Roloff family has started filming for Season 13 as early as August of the same year. During the pumpkin season at the family-owned farm in September, fans also reported sightings of cameramen in the area.

While TLC has yet to make an official announcement regarding the show’s return, Jeremy told his fans that the new season will premiere in March.

“The season begins airing in March, I believe.”

The reality show wrapped up in June last year with the birth of Zach and Tori’s son and the first Roloff grandchild, baby Jackson. Season 13 will see more exciting things, including the rest of Audrey’s pregnancy and the arrival of baby Ember. In one of Jeremy’s behind-the-scenes clips, Audrey can be seen doing a confessional interview with a signage of Ember’s name beside her.

In the past year, many good things have been happening in the Roloff family. Aside from the birth of their two grandkids, Matt and Amy also celebrated the wedding of their only daughter Molly in August last year. Last week, their youngest son, Jacob Roloff, announced his engagement to long-time girlfriend Isabel Rock.

Because both Molly and Jacob have not appeared in the family show for a while now, it is unclear if the two siblings will make an appearance in the upcoming season. Fans who are hoping to catch a glimpse of Molly’s beautiful wedding at the Roloff Farms will have to wait and see if it will be featured on the family show. Likewise, it is Jacob’s engagement might not be part of this season’s storyline.

Little People, Big World aired its first season back in 2006. Back then, Matt and Amy Roloff were busy raising four children at their 36-acre farm. Twelve years later, the couple has since divorced. Despite their split, their family remains tight. Matt and Amy’s four children are now adults and starting their own families.