Wrongful Death Suit Against Jim Carrey Has Been Dismissed

A wrongful death lawsuit filed against actor Jim Carrey in the suicide death of Cathriona White has been dismissed. The suit, which was filed by White’s family, accused Carrey of obtaining prescription drugs for Cathriona. The family believes it was access to those drugs that ultimately enabled Cathriona to commit suicide by drug overdose, following White’s split from Carrey.

Jim Carrey Won’t Face the Wrongful Death Legal Battle After All

Cathriona White used prescription drugs to kill herself in a 2015 overdose, following the breakup, reported E! News. Cathriona’s mother and her estranged husband filed the wrongful death suit a year later, accusing Jim of getting the drugs for White through illegal means. An autopsy revealed that the prescription drugs were responsible for the overdose that ended her life.

A publicist working on Carrey’s behalf issued a statement that revealed the lawsuit and any related claims to the wrongful death case against the actor have been dismissed. The statement also expressed Jim’s gratitude to friends and fans for their support while he dealt with the legal battle. The reasons for the dismissal of the case have not been revealed.

An attorney working for Cathriona’s family, Michael J. Avenatti, suggested that the family was equally satisfied that the case has been dismissed. In his statement, Avenatti said the issue has been resolved, though said little else.

“Mr. Burton and Ms. Sweetman are pleased the case has been resolved. They appreciate the support they have received worldwide.”

Jim Carrey Filed a Countersuit

Jim Carrey had filed a countersuit, alleging that Cathriona White had made false claims against him.

In a countersuit, the actor accused the family of his late ex-girlfriend of trying to extort money from him through the initial lawsuit, according to the Hollywood Reporter. The countersuit also alleges that, prior to her overdose, Cathriona had also tried to blackmail him. Jim stated that White threatened to go to the media and say Carrey had passed sexually transmitted diseases to her, unless he complied with her demands.

The initial wrongful death lawsuit also made claims of sexually transmitted diseases. Cathriona’s mother alleged that the mental distress that led to her suicide was partially caused by the STDs she had contracted. As a result of these accusations, Jim’s attorney, Raymond Boucher, had previously asked the court to provide a copy of White’s STD test results.

The records provided to Boucher showed that Cathriona had been free of sexually transmitted diseases prior to dating Carrey. Further inspection, however, revealed that those test results had been forged.

While Carrey’s representative didn’t comment on the details of the dismissal, he did say that Jim is looking forward to moving on with his life.

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