Selena Gomez Completes Treatment For Mental Health Issues, Doing Great [Rumor]

Michael Kovac Getty Images

Selena Gomez allegedly just got out of a treatment facility for mental illness, but a source says she is doing great. She is very focused on herself and it sounds like she made this decision on her own. Us Weekly shared the details about Selena. A source shared that Selena actually checked herself into a New York treatment facility focused on mental wellness and empowerment in January.

The source said that Selena was there for about two weeks and that part of it was about clean eating, but the rest of it was about physical and mental wellness. It sounds like Selena did what she thought was best for her. The source also said that she was there for depression and anxiety treatment. She has been very open with her fans about her health over the years. Not long ago, she shared about a kidney transplant and has admitted to going to rehab before.

One surprising thing is that Selena has been seen out in New York City during this time, but the source explained that she was allowed to leave the facility when she needed to. Selena was still able to work and even had her phone with her during her time there.

The source explained that Selena Gomez needed to clear her mind and was being proactive. It sounds like going to this treatment facility was the best way to make sure she didn’t end up in a negative place. The source even said that Justin Bieber knew about her going and was very supportive. These two have been on again and off again for a long time, but seem to be back together and doing well.

Another thing that the source shared is that Selena Gomez has been working on new music. Fans would love to hear new stuff from the singer. It is great to hear that she is doing so well and focusing on herself.

Fans are surprised to hear that Selena Gomez has been in this facility and they didn’t know. Luckily, she is supposed to be doing great now and that makes the fans happy.