Angelina Jolie Ready For Love, Brad Pitt Not Confident His Estranged Wife Can Make Relationship Work [Rumors]

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Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have been working through a trying time while attempting to finalize their divorce and settle the custody dispute over their six children. The estranged couple, who carried on a 12-year relationship and two-year marriage, called it quits in fall of 2016, when Jolie announced publicly that she was filing for divorce and seeking full physical custody of their six children.

Ever since, news has swirled around Pitt’s supposed dating life and the Allied star has been falsely linked to a slew of public figures, such as Kate Hudson and Sienna Miller. The most recent rumor to be debunked in regard to Brad Pitt is that the star and Halle Berry are carrying on a romance. Gossip Cop has put this short-lived rumor to rest.

Angelina Jolie, on the other hand, has been rumored to be focusing solely on her kids and ensuring that her family is getting through this challenging time in a healthy way.

The most recent report, however, suggests that Angelina is finally ready for love once more, but that the UN special envoy is “not holding her breath,” as Celebrity Insider notes, based on the words of a source. The insider claims that Jolie considers her children her No. 1 priority and that love is secondary.

“She would really love to be with someone, but understands the baggage…that she brings,” the source states, adding that “[Jolie] is very aware that it is an uphill battle to get there.”

According to recent rumors, Brad Pitt, who is said to be dating casually, does not believe that his estranged wife is able to make a relationship work. The publication relays details about this claim made by a source.

“Brad understands that the best, most healthy, and long-lasting relationships need a lot of compromises so whoever has a shot at marrying Jolie will need to give up a lot to fit into her challenging lifestyle.”

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The source goes on to insist that Brad, despite wishing his ex the best, sees her numerous failed relationships and marriages as evidence that the perfect guy for Angelina simply may not exist, adding that after their marriage failed, Brad does not believe that Angelina can have a successful marriage.

These rumors have yet to be verified, and until this point it was reported that both Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are both entirely focused on their kids, and do not have romantic connections brewing.