Meghan Markle Breaks Another Royal Protocol — ‘Affectionate’ Wedding Vows Never Done Before

Chris Jackson Chris Jackson Getty Images

Ever since the announcement of Meghan Markle’s wedding to one of the hottest former bachelors in Britain, the American actress has already made news with their unorthodox public relationship.

The British royal family is known for its protocols and strict set of rules. With the production of the Netflix show, The Crown, the masses also had a sneak preview of how the palace works on the inside.

However, all of this doesn’t seem to deter Markle. From holdings hands in public, to affectionate kisses, Markle is proud of their relationship.

This time, she’s breaking another big protocol: wedding vows.

According to The Times, the activist wants to create a script for her wedding vow at the reception. Since the royal wedding is televised for millions to see, the church wedding adheres to the traditional vow exchanges for the soon-to-be couple.

Wedding expert Amber Harrison also noted that this is one of the big protocols Markle would be breaking, especially since Markle also wants to send her regards to Queen Elizabeth for hosting the reception at Windsor Castle.

Harrison said in traditional structures, the bride’s father would speak on her behalf and other speeches were reserved for the groom and the best man. Markle’s decision is a breakout of a century-old tradition.

However, though this is a big tradition to make, Harrison said it was not at all surprising since Markle “has already shattered a number of traditions on her path to becoming a royal.”

According to trend expert Anne Chertoff, her decision to make a speech also has to do with her nationality. American brides usually have the opportunity to make a toast in the reception. With Markle, this event is expected to be received in a “positive and wonderful way.”

The royal butler, Grant Harrold, supports Markle’s decision. According to Huffington Post, Harrold said he believes the royal family supports this decision.

Grant added that these changes are just a part of growth transition for the royal family.

“Royals have been creating etiquette rules and royal protocols for centuries, and this is an example of our evolving royal family. In the 21st century we need to accept that things are different compared to last century, and that to the century before.”

The openness to breaking certain traditions is a sign that the royal family is adapting with the times. Diana Mather, a consultant for British protocol, said Markle’s representation in the royal family could speak volumes.