Cardi B Fans Call Out Logan Paul After He Comments On Her Instagram Post

Nicholas HuntGetty Images

It seems that Logan Paul is continuing to stir up controversy in the wake of his ill-advised video from the Japanese forest known as the “Suicide Forest,” after his latest comment on Instagram drew the ire of Cardi B fans. On January 31, Cardi B posted a picture to Instagram from the Grammy’s, and in the caption for the picture the singer said, “they trinna crucify me like they did Christ.” This caption apparently inspired Logan Paul to comment on what the singer said, and in response to her post Paul said, “Lawls you telling me.”

According to Billboard, it did not take long for hundreds of Cardi B fans to not only see Paul’s comment, but also to respond to the YouTuber. Not only did the singer’s fans respond to Logan Paul, but many of them called him out for trying to use Cardi B in some way. While the reactions to Paul’s comment were initially reserved to Instagram, it did not take long for Twitter users to start calling the YouTuber out.

On Instagram, one Cardi B follower said that Logan Paul was “the bigoted white boy trying to hog some fairy dust from the successful Latina.” Another person on Instagram said that they did not think that the YouTube star was “right in the head” and that he needed to get off of the singer’s post.

Over on Twitter, Cardi B fans took a screenshot of not only the singer’s original post, but also of the comment left by Logan Paul. From there, people called him out for what they believed to be an inappropriate comment, especially in light of the backlash he faced following his “Suicide Forest” video. One Twitter user said that someone needed to “come get Logan Paul out of Cardi B’s comments,” while another said that he needed to stop trying to pretend he was a “victim.” Another Twitter user said they could not believe that he would comment something like that on Cardi B’s post, and felt it was time to get off social media.


Although there were some Cardi B fans who did not seem to take issue with what the YouTuber posted, it appears that for the most part, many people wish that he had simply not commented at all. While some fans might not have appreciated Logan Paul’s decision to add his own comment to Cardi B’s post, the singer herself has not responded to his comment at this time. Paul’s joking comment comes after he broke his self-imposed hiatus from social media in order to not only post a video about suicide prevention, but also do an interview with Good Morning America, in which he shared his thoughts on what happened, including another apology for his actions.