Kim Kardashian Sends 'Enemies' Taylor Swift And Blac Chyna Valentine's Day Fragrances

Kim Kardashian launched her Kimoji Hearts limited-edition fragrances today, and sent a strong message to a few of her haters while at it.

Kardashian shared a photo of people she planned on sending press boxes of her three new scents to, and some of the names may surprise her followers.

In fact, TMZ reported that people such as Taylor Swift, Wendy Williams, and Blac Chyna were set to receive one of Kim's new products.

The site states that not only are Kardashian's friends and family receiving one of the heart-shaped perfumes, but also several of her enemies. As fans may recall, Kim and husband Kayne West have a very public feud with Taylor Swift.

Talk show host Wendy Williams has been very vocal in criticizing Kardashian, as she most recently said it appears the mother of three is desperately seeking attention with her racy Instagram posts. And Blac Chyna has been embattled in several lawsuits with Kim and her family since splitting from Rob Kardashian.

However, it appears Kardashian is putting the past behind her as she includes all three of these women in her fragrance press release. Or she may be taking the upper-hand in the feuds, as TMZ calls the move a "sweet burn."

"We're told each smash-able chocolate heart -- containing the fragrance inside -- was hand delivered. You gotta hand it to Kim... it's a pretty sweet burn."

In addition to Taylor, Chyna, and Wendy, Kim also appears to be sending the gifts to Janice Dickinson, Bette Midler, Sharon Osbourne, and Chelsea Handler. All of these celebrities have publicity criticized Kardashian and her family.

It seems as if at least half of Kim's press list includes someone who has spoken out against her. Of course, the 37-year-old is also sending fragrances to friends such as Paris Hilton, LaLa Anthony, Jen Atkin, Chrissy Teigen, and Jennifer Lawrence.

The press boxes include a giant chocolate heart and a hammer to smash it open. Inside, recipients will find candy hearts surrounding one of three fragrances.

The limited-edition line includes the scents called BFF, BAE, and Ride or Die. Each perfume retails for $30, which makes Kim's new perfumes more affordable than her Crystal Gardenia line.

Kardashian launched her Valentine's Day-inspired scents at 12 p.m. on Thursday, and the line has yet to sell out as of press time.