Michelle Obama Reveals Barack Obama’s Bedroom Issues — Of The Square Footage Kind

Michelle Obama was in rare form recently when dishing out some of the more personal inner workers of the former President and First Lady’s homelife since leaving the White House. She made no effort to play down the privileges that Barack and Michelle Obama have awarded their daughter Sasha, who at only 16-years-old has a two-room suite all to herself in their new D.C. mansion.

As far as their eldest child, Malia, Michelle quips that rooms shouldn’t be wasted on college kids, but she does have a bedroom somewhere in the attic when she returns home for a visit. The bedroom situation was brought up during Michelle’s appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show on Thursday when Ellen asked the former first lady if Barack is happy with his new bedroom, according to E Online.

Michelle was quick to say “Oh no, no no. He – no, no, he still talks about this,” as he ended up with the smallest bedroom in the house. She went on to say that he was “shortchanged” when it came to square footage for his bedroom, which he uses as an office.

Because Sasha has a suite of rooms all to herself, there’s a bone of contention between father and daughter due to the square footage issues. One of the biggest complaints is that the former president doesn’t have enough closet space.

With eight bedrooms and nine-and-a-half bathrooms, you would think that’s more than ample room for this family of four, but apparently, it’s not. Michelle and Barack decided to stay put in D.C. after the White House at least until Sasha finishes high school. As a junior this year, she has one more year to go.

When asked if Michelle felt weird living in Washington D.C. but not living in the White House. She said she didn’t feel anything odd about it at all. Your home is where your family is and right now that is in an $8.1 million mansion that apparently doesn’t have enough room for the patriarch of the family.

When the Obama’s first moved out of the White House a little more than a year ago, they rented the home they are in today. A while down the line, they opted to buy the property they now call home. Besides the square footage issues plaguing her husband, Michelle spoke about some of the issues her friends are having with Michelle and Barack in another home other than the 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue address that they had gotten used to.

Michelle said she actually will “trip out” her friends by answering the door. For the last eight years, there were all types of people to go through before laying your eyes on any one of the first family members when you came to visit them at the White House. Today if the doorbell rings, Michelle will answer it giving her friends quite the surprise. There is something about the new house that the Obama’s two dogs are having issues with as well. The doorbell.

The White House wasn’t equipped for someone to approach the front door and ring a bell announcing that they are there. The dogs are having a hard time getting used to this.

There was also some serious talk between Michelle and Ellen. According to CNN, “Speaking to Ellen DeGeneres, who told the wife of President Barack Obama that she felt frightened after a year of political turmoil, Michelle Obama encouraged anxious Americans to tune out the noise.” She also encouraged people to have empathy for your fellow Americans. Michelle also said the following.

“We have to be an open-hearted nation and that’s who we are. And that’s the truth of who we are. We can’t lose sight of that. So, let’s just keep living our lives like that every single day and forget what they’re saying in Washington.”

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