SoloWheel Combines Segways And Unicycles [Live From CES]

the inventist

Are Segways to bulky for y0u? Are unicycles to clownish? Well, the SoloWheel may be the answer.

Inventist Inc. had several mobility solutions,improvements products on the showroom floor at CES in Las Vegas. From rugged roller skates to some sort of portable jet ski but the star of the display was the SoloWheel.

Brandon Nelson of the Inventist was cruising around the display with easy on the SoloWheel as he greeted curious onlookers. The SoloWheel can hit speeds of up to 10 mph and is controlled in the same way as a Segway. You simply lean forward or backward to control your speed.

The Inventist also makes a Segway / Unicycle hybrid with two side-by-side wheels for the more rugged mobile enthusiast.

The Inventist writes:

“The Solowheel is the smallest, greenest, most convenient “People Mover” ever invented. This gyro-stabilized electric unicycle is compact and fun to ride and is intended to be used as you would use an electric bicycle.”

The SoloWheel weighs about 25 pounds so its pretty easy to just pick up and carry if you are ever forced to get from point A to point B by actually walking.

In addition to the SoloWheel, the Inventist also makes the Orbitwheel, the Stepster, the Swerver and the Aqua Skipper.