Kelly Ripa Jokes That She's Going To Block Daughter From Instagram After Lola Trolls Mom's Account

It's no secret that Kelly Ripa and her 16-year-old daughter Lola share a playful relationship.

As fans of Live With Kelly and Ryan will recall, Ripa's daughter Lola Consuelos made a rare appearance on the morning show over Thanksgiving. According to the Inquisitr, the teen appeared alongside her mother and co-host Ryan Seacrest as the trio made a Thanksgiving cauliflower dish.

During part of the episode, which has been posted on YouTube, Lola joked with Seacrest that her mother shares stories about her that are just "not true." She also confessed that she isn't Ripa's favorite child, her brother Joaquin is.

A few weeks later, in December, Ripa shared a photo of the whole Consuelos family together on her Instagram account as she wished fans a "lit" holiday season. She ended the post by saying that Lola actually approved of the photo. Of course, Ripa has joked many times that Lola rarely approves of Ripa posting photos of her in social media.

Yesterday, Lola was back busting her mother's chops but this time it was on her mother's Instagram page. The 46-year-old posted yet another photo of her husband, Mark Consuelos along with a playful caption to promote his show Riverdale.

"Where's the beef? #daddy knows. Find out tonight on an all new #riverdale on the CW. 8 EST."
This was the second post this week that Ripa shared of her hunky husband to promote his show. But when Lola caught wind of the photo, she decided to comment sarcastically, asking her mom to stop posting pictures of Riverdale.

"Stop posting Riverdale photos, we get it," the 16-year-old wrote in the comments section of the picture.

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Ripa's fans noticed Lola's comment and went absolutely nuts. Lola's comment alone received over 123 likes and dozens of comments. Most came from fans who loved the mother-daughter back and forth.

"I have three daughters, they never leave me alone on social media," one user said.

"Gotta love them," another chimed in.

Even Casey Cott, who plays Kevin Keller on Riverdale, joined in on the fun by giving Lola a taste of her own medicine.

"How dare you knock our show."
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When Ripa herself saw the comment, she joked with Lola, telling her daughter that she was going to block her from Instagram "in a minute." In all, the picture gained over 24,000 likes as well as 335 comments, many of which were replies to Lola's message.

Back in December, People reports that Kelly and Lola did a little bit of mother-daughter bonding for a good cause. The pair walked the red carpet together at the CNN Heroes All-Star Tribute event in New York City, which Ripa hosted alongside Anderson Cooper.

We're not sure what the duo will do next but one thing's for sure — it will probably put a smile on everyone's face.