Carrie Underwood Reveals Her Fitness Secrets, ‘I Want To Be Strong’

Carrie Underwood is opening up about her health and fitness secrets and revealing that she most definitely puts in her hours at the gym to get herself in shape and to tone up her famously enviable legs. Ahead of the debut of her pre-taped video for the 2018 Super Bowl on February 4, Underwood revealed this week that she’s not too dissimilar to the athletes on the field as she too works hard to stay healthy.

“I definitely do my part when it comes to my personal fitness. I want to be strong,” Carrie said of her passion for exercise, per UMG Nashville.

Adding that hitting the gym hard and staying in shape helps her a lot in all aspects of her life, she noted that she needs to be in tiptop shape to perform on stage night after night.

“It does take a lot to be on stage,” the star – who has her own line of athleisure wear for Dick’s Sporting Goods, Calia by Carrie Underwood – said. “I’m running around and singing, like those are, being active and singing at the same time is pretty difficult to do.”

“I like to work out and I eat healthy. I think that’s just something that’s part of what I do,” she continued, adding that she sees her body as a “tool” and she’s got to “keep it good.”

Carrie also revealed a few secrets when it comes to why she’s so dedicated to her exercise and fitness routine, admitting that when she’s active she has a clearer head and is ready for anything life may throw at her – which likely came in handy for the star recently after she announced that she broke her wrist and injured her face after falling outside her house in November.

“When I work out, I feel like I have a clearer head. I feel like I’m just ready for anything, and it feels good to make my body move like it was designed to do,” said Underwood of why she’s so passionate about exercise.

And it sounds like she’s not taking any shortcuts when it comes to staying healthy, adding that she steps things up her workout routine in the gym when she knows she’s got a big event coming up like a red carpet.

Carrie Underwood Reveals Her Fitness Secrets, 'I Want To Be Strong'

“I try my best to always stay healthy and fit, and then if there are any special things coming up, I do my best to get ready for them,” the mom of one admitted, shortly after Underwood confirmed that her inspirational new song “The Champion” was actually inspired by her parents and her husband, NHL star Mike Fisher, who she says are her real-life champions.

There’s no doubt that Carrie really does take her fitness and exercise routine seriously, as she’s only been spotted out in public once since her fall last year where she was continuing to keep up with her workout routine.

Former Below Deck star Adrienne Gang took a photo with the singer at a gym in Nashville in mid-December mere weeks after she had emergency surgery on her wrist and face, the latter of which she announced in a blog post had left her with 40 to 50 stitches.

But her latest comments certainly don’t mark the first time Underwood has spoken out about her dedication to health and fitness.

Carrie and her trainer Erin Oprea previously revealed the secrets to her impressive leg workout in an interview with Glamour, which includes several squats and lunges as well as work with weights.

Carrie Underwood can next be seen in her pre-taped video featuring her new hit song with Ludacris, “The Champion,” for NBC’s coverage of the 2018 Super Bowl on February 4.