Invisible Drive Thru Prank Leaves Fast Food Workers Puzzled [Video]


Veteran drive thru prankster Rahat the Magician is at it again, this time with a trick that fools fast food workers into thinking he is invisible.

Using a custom-built “car-seat costume” made of cardboard and matching seat fabric that he details in the beginning of the video, Rahat camouflages himself in his car so that it appears empty when he drives up to pick up his order of food.

Naturally, the reactions are priceless.

“What the heck is going on?!” asks a Chick-fil-a worker upon seeing the empty car pull up to the drive thru window. “Oh my God!”

“Am I trippin’ son?” another prank victim asks, before instructing a co-worker to take a picture of the car with his cell phone. “Instagram that joint,” she says.

The best reaction (In my opinion), however, is a McDonald’s worker who continues to open and close the drive thru window, hoping that the mystery driver will magically appear.

Since being uploaded, Rahat’s “Drive Thru Invisible Driver Prank” has gotten nearly 4 million views on YouTube, and is the 19th in his “drive thru” prank series.

Watch MagicofRahat’s Ivisible Drive Thru prank below:

Rahat, who is now being touted by fans as a legend for his wide assortment of amazing pranks, has fooled fast food workers in the past with other optical illusions, including floating money, a floating cup and a wallet that catches on fire when opened.

Check out of some of his other amazing drive thru pranks in the videos below:

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