Amy Roloff Shares Baby Photo Of Zach And Jeremy, Fans Laud Supermom

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Amy Roloff of Little People, Big World is feeling a little nostalgic as she shared an old photo of her twin sons Zach and Jeremy. The throwback photo is a wonderful reminder of how great a mother Amy was and is to all her children. It is also a good proof that having twins is no easy task.

With the recent news that her youngest child, Jacob, is engaged to his girlfriend Isabel Rock, Amy was as happy as any mother should be, as Entertainment Tonight reported. However, Amy probably couldn’t help but get a little sentimental now that all her children have lives of their own.

In the photo, Amy is drying baby Jeremy off with a towel while baby Zach was on a rug or carpet on the floor waiting for his turn. Baby Jeremy looks adorable as he stares at the camera while the picture was taken. Zach, meanwhile, looks oblivious to the fact he’s on the bathroom floor with a pile of clothes beside him.

“Yep! All my kids are my life then as they are now,” Amy said. “These twin boys were a hoot and now look at them.”

“Jeremy and Zachary, I’m so proud of you and love you forever and always.”

There are three major things fans surmised from the old photo. First, Amy is a supermom. Fans quickly jumped at the opportunity to praise Amy for being a wonderful mother to all her children.

“Wow, you had your hands full,” said one follower. “But you got the job done and everyone turned out more than fine.”

“One helluva mommy Amy,” said another. “It had to be a challenge to take care of [four] children. Love you, and [you’re] a good grandma, too.”

“I admire you,” another follower commented. “Just don’t know how you physically did it with twins. [You] are [a] super woman.”

The second thing a number of fans got from the throwback photo is that Jeremy and Zach, while adorable when they were still toddlers, looked like a handful. Many of the fans agreed that taking care of young children, especially twin boys, is no easy task though it is a rewarding one.

“Superwoman,” one fan described Amy on Instagram. “I have two boys, not twins, and it’s exhausting (but wonderful).”

“Amy, you put some of us to shame! You make me want to be better in so many ways,” said another.

Another fan echoed the sentiments of others who said having one child is difficult enough and that Amy did a good job talking care of the twins. Another reminded everyone that aside from Zach and Jeremy, Amy and Matt also had daughter Molly Jo at the time. Youngest son Jacob came a little bit later.

“Having one is hard but two, wow,” one person said. “Good job. They seem like very strong smart young men, now raising their children and being had working family men.”

“Molly was in the mix as well,” said another.

The third most talked about thing about the photo is the pair of slippers on Amy. Some of the fans thought the pair of bunny slippers Amy was wearing was cute.

One controversy, which alighted from the throwback photo had something to do with why Zach was on the floor. One follower asked if Amy just threw Zach on the floor.

A few fans answered him saying Zach was probably waiting for his turn as Amy was still busy with Jeremy. One defended Amy further by explaining that it would’ve been difficult for the Little People, Big World matriarch to give Zach and Jeremy a bath at the same time. Another follower said that Zach was on a carpet and that toddlers spend half of their time on the floor.