Ammo Dealer Douglas Haig Named As Second Person Of Interest In Las Vegas Mass Shooting

Nearly four months after Stephen Paddock opened fire at a Las Vegas music festival in an act of violence that left 58 people dead and hundreds more wounded, information about Douglas Haig, a second person of interest in the case, has been made public for the first time. The Las Vegas mass shooting took place on October 1, and according to information released by investigators, was orchestrated and carried out solely by 64-year-old “lone wolf” gunman who committed suicide before he could be captured.

The sparse details released in the case as well as a rash of “suspicious” deaths in the weeks following the October Las Vegas mass shooting

Court documents prepared in October and newly unsealed on Tuesday, however, indicate that authorities identified a second and even third person of interest in the case early on in the investigation. In addition to Douglas Haig, an ammunition dealer and engineer, Paddock’s wife Marilou Danley was also listed as a possible conspirator in the deadly shooting.

As Yahoo News reports, the unsealed court documents reveal that Douglas Haig admitted that he had sold a large quantity of ammo to Stephen Paddock just weeks before the horrific Las Vegas shooting. However, Haig went on to deny knowing the “wacko” mass shooter, or what Paddock intended to do with the ammunition he purchased.

Documents indicate that Douglas Haig, owner of Specialized Military Ammunition LLC, found himself being investigated in connection with the Las Vegas shooting after authorities discovered Haig’s address on an Amazon package in Paddock’s hotel room. Since his name was publicly released as a person of interest in the Las Vegas shooting investigation, Douglas Haig has defended himself to the media, admitting to selling ammo to Paddock but claiming that their “relationship” went no further than that business transaction.

“I couldn’t detect anything wrong with this guy. He told me exactly what he wanted, I handed him a box with the ammunition in it, he paid me and he left.”

The ammunition in question? Haig claims that Paddock purchased 720 rounds of tracer ammunition, bullets that produce visible-to-the-naked-eye trails when fired. The shooter reportedly told his ammo dealer that he was going to use the bullets to “put on a light show.”

Since the Las Vegas shooting, Douglas Haig’s ammunition store has reportedly “closed indefinitely.” Despite the shuttering, the ammo salesman is not wholly unemployed. Haig has also been confirmed to be employed by Honeywell Aerospace as a senior engineer, reports The New York Times. Many witnesses to and victims of the Las Vegas shooting have publicly claimed that more than one shooter was involved in the deadly attack, however there is no indication that Haig was involved in the shooting. Even so, speculation and theories regarding Douglas Haig and his potential connection to the Las Vegas attack have run rampant since the release of his name earlier this week.

According to this week’s unsealed documents, both Douglas Haig and Marilou Danley would remain persons of interest in the Las Vegas mass shooting investigation until “the investigation can rule otherwise.” The Las Vegas Metro Police Department has not confirmed whether or not the investigation into the pair is still ongoing, although it has been previously reported that Danley is unlikely to be charged in connection with the shooting and was out of the country when it occurred.

In a previously unpublished interview in October, Haig admitted to having been interviewed by federal agents shortly after the deadly incident, but largely brushed off his connection to the case.

“After about 20 minutes they left. Haven’t heard from them since. I have to think that if it was really, really serious or there was something that they thought I did that was wrong, (the agents) would have been kicking my door down.”

Douglas Haig has reportedly scheduled a press conference for Friday, January 2.

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