‘Knack’ And ‘Rime’ Lead PS Plus Free Games For February

PlayStation Plus subscribers get to follow a strong line-up of free PS4 games for January with an equally strong lineup for February. Sony announced Knack and RiME will be free to download next month for the current-generation console along with some gems for the PS3 and PS Vita as well.

The PS4 launch title Knack has long been speculated as coming to the PS Plus library of games and it is finally happening in February. It will be free from the PlayStation Store starting Tuesday, February 6 along with Tequila Works’ third-person adventure puzzle title, RiME.

The PS Vita Cross Buy tactical role-playing game Grand Kingdom from NIS America will also be available for free for PS4 owners as well. The side-scrolling action game Exile’s End will also be a free download, but only for the PS Vita.

Finally, those still rocking along with a PlayStation 3 can get Spelunker HD and Mugen Souls Z for free via PS Plus in February.

As a reminder, the January PS Plus titles will still be available to download for free until the PlayStation Store refreshes Tuesday, February 6. The free titles include Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and Batman: The Telltale Series for the PS4, PS Vita Cross Buy titles Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness and Uncanny Valley. Meanwhile, the PS4 free games are Sacred 3 and The Book of Unwritten Tales 2.

Additionally, the PS VR game StarBlood Arena will remain free until March 6. This is an arena combat game where players pilot spaceships with different styles in 3D combat with the ability to move in any direction.


Sony developed Knack to be a showcase family-friendly platformer for the just-launched PlayStation 4 in 2013. Fans seemed to appreciate the concept and the hero but it didn’t match expectations on the gameplay and story front. The old-school hardcore platforming and lackluster story combined to deliver a disappointing 54 aggregate review score on Metacritic.


PS Plus subscribers can get RiME for the PS4 free in February.

This third-person adventure title puts gamers in control of a young boy who finds himself washed up on an abandoned island. Players must guide the boy through various environmental puzzles to explore the island and reach a mysterious tower in the center.

Rime was praised for its moving story, soundtrack, and visuals but lost points due to relatively slow-paced gameplay, some frustrating puzzles, and frame rate issues. It earned an 80 overall review score on Metacritic.

Grand Kingdom

PS Plus subscribers can get Grand Kingdom free for PS4 and PS Vita in February.

This JRPG from Monochrome Corporation mixes traditional tactical role-playing gameplay with board game elements to create a unique hook. The game takes place on the continent of Resonail as players guide a mercenary leader and his group through a conflict involving four distinct nations seeking control.

Grand Kingdom was praised for its mixture of gameplay mechanics and map exploration but hit for having a forgettable story and characters. It earned a 78 on Metacritic.