Train Carrying Paul Ryan And Other Members Of Congress Collides With Truck – One Fatality, Injuries Reported

Chaos broke out early on Wednesday afternoon as a train carrying numerous members of Congress to a legislative retreat in West Virginia collided with a truck. The train was carrying a number of Congress members which included House Speaker Paul Ryan, and injuries were being reported right away but none were expected to be serious.

According to CNN, the train was carrying Republican members of Congress and their spouses to the retreat in West Virginia on Wednesday. The incident took place near Charlottesville, Virginia, around 11:20 a.m. Eastern.

A truck was sitting on the tracks when the Amtrak train struck it. It is being reported at this time that the fatality is from someone in or near the truck.

New York Representative John Fason was on the train and he said that he could see the truck that was struck. He believed that there would be some serious injuries to those in or near the truck, but not those on the train.

“There was (what) looks like a tractor trailer carrying trash that was hit by the train. I think everyone on the train is OK. I don’t know that for sure, it’s a long train. But most of the concern is for the people outside.”

Many of those on the train were said to have “hit the deck” when the collision occurred as a number of people were standing up at the time. Buses are now en route to the accident location to pick up the members of Congress as they tweet out info and images.

The Amtrak train left Washington, D.C., this morning and was heading to the annual retreat in Sulphur Springs, West Virginia. The garbage truck was carrying two people at the time of the crash and full details regarding further injuries are still developing.

WFTV is reporting that there is at least one fatality and at least one other person in critical condition following the crash.

It has been said that there were “no serious injuries” reported on the train that collided with the truck and only some minor “bumps and bruises.” Paul Ryan and other members of Congress were said to be “fine,” but nurses on the scene were still checking on all those on the train as well as those who were in the truck.

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