Amber Portwood’s Boutique Live Again: ‘Teen Mom OG’ Viewers Claim She’s Selling Cheap Clothes

Alberto E. RodriguezGetty Images

Amber Portwood has revealed that she’s taking a break from social media, as she wants to focus on her pregnancy. The Teen Mom OG star has revealed that she’s pregnant with a boy just months after meeting Andrew Glennon, and she wasn’t single long after dumping Matt Baier. However, it sounds like Portwood isn’t thrilled with all of the negative comments she’s received after getting pregnant so quickly after meeting a new man. Some people believed she should have been more careful, and others, including Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham, have accused Amber of getting pregnant for the sake of money.

Since meeting Andrew Glennon, Portwood hasn’t said much about her online store. She worked very hard to launch her online store when she was with Matt Baier, but it’s clear that it may be taking a backseat now that she’s pregnant. According to a new tweet, Amber Portwood is now revealing that she’s back with her online boutique, and she wants her fans to purchase items. When one person revealed she had spent quite a bit in the store, another person revealed that Amber buys the clothing from Asia for little money and then resells them for a higher price. It’s uncertain whether this is true, but it sounds like some people are convinced she’s selling cheap clothes.

“Literally just spent $600. LOVE,” one person wrote to Amber, which prompted another person to write, “You spent $600 on stuff she bought for less than $5 a piece from Alibaba congrats. Seriously lmfao I can’t believe people buy her junk!”

When Portwood first launched her clothing store, she denied using cheap clothing. Her clothing items matched many of the items that people could buy for practically no money on cheaper sites from China, but Amber denied that her clothing was cheap. She revealed that she was getting high-quality clothing from other online stores, which was something that made her proud. But it sounds like some people are convinced that Amber is still buying the clothing for little money and then reselling them for a large profit.

Amber Portwood is currently keeping a low profile as she prepares to become a mother again. She has also revealed that she has dropped her bipolar medication, and she could be keeping a low profile for the sake of her stress levels and anxiety.