Nathan Griffith Hints Jenelle Evans Is Keeping Kaiser From Him: He Denies Dangerous Situation

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

Nathan Griffith has been keeping a low profile for a while, as he’s been trying to distance himself from Teen Mom 2. Nathan doesn’t film the show anymore, as he’s not a part of Jenelle Evans’ story. Plus, Jenelle has no desire to film with her ex-boyfriend. However, it sounds like Griffith still has things to say about Jenelle, so he’s using social media to let his feelings be known. This week, he seemed to take a stab at Jenelle Evans, revealing that she isn’t following court orders.

According to a new tweet, Nathan Griffith is now hinting that Jenelle is keeping Kaiser for herself even though she’s keeping him during Nathan’s time. When they were filming Teen Mom 2 together, Jenelle hinted that Nathan was being abusive toward Kaiser, but it was Nathan’s mother who filed an emergency custody hearing to get custody of him, as she spotted bruises on him after staying with his mother. It sounds like the drama is continuing, as Griffith is now revealing that it is karma that Jenelle isn’t following court orders. It’s possible that Nathan will use this against her to get more time with his son, as he has been fighting for Kaiser for years.

“Parents shouldn’t keep their child(ren) away from any parent(s) unless the child is in any way, shape or form in danger and/or being neglected,” Nathan Griffith revealed on Twitter, adding later, “Also, parents should follow court mediation papers. Letting the parent(s) call their child(ren) at times agree upon. Having the first right of refusal when the other party leaves town. Having direct communication with the other parent. Being professional and ect #Karma.”

Jenelle Evans made a similar statement on Twitter, revealing that parents shouldn’t keep children from their parents. It sounds like she’s making a similar statement about Nathan, but when fans guessed that she was talking about Griffith, she made a statement, revealing that fans always assume that she’s talking about Nathan. Of course, she’s also dealing with custody issues with her mother, as Barbara refuses to give her full custody of her first-born son Jace. Evans recently announced that she could be done with Teen Mom 2, which means Nathan’s time in the spotlight would also come to an end. However, Jenelle could still be filming the new season. She hasn’t announced anything to her fans.

Nathan Griffith is currently focusing on his new relationship. He has revealed that he wants to work on his friendship with Jenelle so they can co-parent. However, he has revealed that he has issues with David Eason, who has previously threatened him.