‘Sister Wives’ To Be Canceled After This Season According To Source

Ethan Miller Getty Images

Fans love the show Sister Wives on TLC, but it sounds like there is a good chance that this could be the last season of the show. In Touch Weekly shared how this show might be coming to an end after the current season. That would mean a lot of Brown family weddings and babies that the viewers would miss seeing.

Sources revealed to Life & Style Magazine that a source says this would be the final season of the show, Sister Wives. The reason is due to falling ratings. This show still has a lot of fans, but it sounds like it is just not enough to make TLC happy.

In Season 11, they had 1.8 million viewers, and they almost didn’t bring the show back, but sources said that Kody Brown was able to convince TLC to do it for them. They have a huge family and not all of them work, so they probably need the income from this show. They used to get around 2.5 million viewers for Sister Wives.

The source explained that Kody Brown and his family allegedly took a huge pay cut to make this season happen. This source says that they used to get paid $180,000 per adult for each season, and instead, Kody offered to take that amount for the entire family. That is still a pretty big paycheck but not like the one they used to get.

This source says that TLC already broke the news to Kody Brown that the show won’t be coming back. This season was filmed over a year ago since Mykelti’s wedding will air next week, but it happened in December of 2017. That would mean that fans won’t see anything that has happened to the Brown family recently if the show doesn’t return. Maybe they can talk them into a spin-off with one of the married couples or find some way that the Brown family can stay on television, but for now, it isn’t looking good.

Fans of Sister Wives would be sad to hear that the show was canceled, but they will just have to wait and see what TLC decides to do. Don’t miss new episodes of Sister Wives on TLC on Sunday nights.