Lala Kent Explains Why Dating Randall Emmett While He Was Married Wasn’t All That Bad

Charles SYkesBravo

Lala Kent faced allegations of dating a married man throughout the fifth season of Vanderpump Rules, and ultimately, those rumors were true. However, while Kent began dating Randall Emmett nearly two years before his divorce from Ambyr Childers was finalized, she recently took to Twitter to explain herself.

Just over a month after Page Six confirmed that Randall Emmett and Ambyr Childers had been married up until December 22, 2017, Lala Kent revealed to her fans and followers on Twitter that Childers had also begun dating prior to the finalization of her divorce from the movie producer.

“It’s funny how no one mentions that his ex wife has been with her man for the same amount of time I’ve been with mine and she’s already engaged to him,” Lala Kent tweeted on January 30.

“They were separated… [and] she’s already engaged to her dude. But I’m the one who looks bad because I’m in the public eye,” she added.

Lala Kent’s tweets came just days after Ambyr Childers took to her Instagram page and confirmed her engagement to Jeff Tinsley with a photo of her engagement ring. For the past several months, Childers has been sharing images of herself and Tinsley, including a photo from Paris, France, and at the end of last week, she posted the photo below.

Lala Kent and Randall Emmett went public with their own relationship after his divorce from Ambyr Childers was finalized and did so after celebrating the New Year holiday together in his hometown of Miami, Florida. As fans may recall, Kent was the first to share a photo of Emmett and did so on January 1 as Emmett gave her a kiss on the cheek. Then, a short time later, Emmett posted an image of Kent boarding his private plane and labeled her as his “rock star.”

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Randall Emmett will not be seen at all during the show’s sixth season, nor is he expected to make any future cameos on the reality series.