‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Valentin Connection, Why Cassadine & Peter Know More About Jason & Drew’s Past

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) knows far more about the Drew/Jason saga than he is willing to admit. GH viewers will remember that he originally sent Ava (Maura West) to that particular clinic in Russia and that Dr. Klein reported Jason’s (Steve Burton) progress to somebody. It had been assumed that Dr. Klein kept Anthony (Andre Maddox) informed but what if it was Valentin’s Cassadine fortune that paid Jason’s clinic bills? Could Henrik have the type of resources to have kept Jason away from Faison (Anders Hove)? Certainly, Faison never knew where Jason was being kept. The Inquisitr reported that the illegitimate son of Mikos Cassadine could have inherited Helena’s mess and needed to foot the medical bills as heir to the fortune.

The recaps at She Knows Soaps state that when Anna (Finola Hughes) snuck into Faison’s hospital room, he told her that the Cassadines were responsible for torturing his son, Henrik. GH viewers suspect that Henrik is Peter August (Wes Ramsey), but this may just be a red herring the writers have planted to lead fans astray.

Faison’s comment poses two interesting questions. The first has to do with Anna’s mindset. Why is her first question centered around Henrik’s well being? Surely, a WSB’s first question would gauge why Drew (Billy Miller) and Jason’s memories were altered. General Hospital spoilers point out the second question Faison’s comment raises. Why would the Cassadines turn Henrik against his father?

The next day, Faison confirmed to Jason that Drew was sent to Helena for his mind to be reprogrammed. It seems as if the Cassadines do indeed have a role to play in the mind switch. However, it is doubtful whether “wonderful lady” Helena is the traitorous Cassadine. According to General Hospital spoilers, viaCeleb Dirty Laundry, Peter and Valentin might have been working together for a long time. Valentin might have convinced Peter not to trust his father and persuaded Faison that Peter was his traitor. All the while, Valentin might have kept Jason a secret until the time was right and purposefully sent Ava there knowing that she would discover the true Jason.

Valentin does not have a squeaky clean past, and he has an evil streak that even Helena fears. If Valentin was aware of the mind-mapping, how much of a role did he play in Jason and Drew’s switch? Why does Faison say that Drew knows Henrik? General Hospital spoilers indicate that this storyline is about to explode in ways we can only imagine.

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