Man Assaulted By Smurfs After Refusing To Light A Cigarette [Video]

“Victoria Police hope to track down Papa Smurf and three of his mates after a man was allegedly bashed at a Pascoe Vale 7-Eleven on December 16 for refusing to light a cigarette.

It is believed a 37-year-old Pascoe Vale man entered a 7-Eleven on the corner of West and Pascoe streets about 1am to buy cigarettes.

As he left the store he was approached by a man dressed as a Smurf who asked for a cigarette.

The man offered him a cigarette, but the Smurf demanded that the victim light the smoke before handing it over.

He refused and noticed the Smurf was in the company of three other Smurfs, who were trying to jump start and steal a white VS Commodore sedan.

Police believe the Pascoe Vale man was then assaulted.

It is not known who assaulted the man, with police hoping the men dressed as Smurfs could hold vital information.

A police spokeswoman said the man passed out in the car park, only realising he had been assaulted when he woke up.”

I wouldn’t be surprised if I saw the Seven Dwarfs next.