Norman Reedus, Johnny Depp, Or Thomas Gibson: How To Vote For The ‘Most Handsome Actor’

Norman Reedus, Johnny Depp, and Thomas Gibson are just a few of the candidates for “Most Handsome Actor in the World” contest being held by Best of the List. Fans can vote here. Brad Pitt, Chris Hemsworth, David Tennant, and Chris Pratt are also among the choices. Fans can also write their favorites in the comment section of the contest to have them added to the list. The contest ends March 10.

Thomas Gibson fans at #NoHotchNoWatch are already casting their votes for Gibson. Other fan groups will likely want to hit this site to win the honor for their own stars as well.

Each fan can vote once a day, whether for Norman Reedus, Johnny Depp, Thomas Gibson, Chris Hemsworth, or any one of the nearly 100 totally hot guys listed with their photos. Voters can see where Johnny Depp, Thomas Gibson, Norman Reedus, and their other favorite stars rank when they vote each day.

Many other groups and sites have selected top ten most handsome men, including Trending TopMost, but Best of the List is one of the few actually having a huge popular vote. Top TrendingMost chose Hrithik Roshan for first place followed by Robert Pattinson, Tom Cruise, Hugh Jackman, and Brad Pitt at number five.

Mahesh Babu, Chris Evans, and Johnny Depp were sixth, seventh, and eighth respectively. Chris Hemsworth came in ninth, while Salman Khan was listed tenth by Top TrendingMost.

Above is a video showing yet another top ten most handsome actors in 2017. These world-class actor lists are proof that gorgeous guys come in all ages and types. Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt are among the top picks in the video above, but there are men from all over the world shown here, as in the video below.

Who will win the popular vote held by Best of the List though is a more interesting question. #NoHotchNoWatch and other Gibson fans are reportedly managing to keep Thomas Gibson in the top ten of this worldwide vote according to this comment on Twitter.

Thomas Gibson and Matthew Gray Gubler

Norman Reedus, Johnny Depp, Thomas Gibson, and Chris Hemsworth, are all in the running, as are Brad Pitt and David Tennant just to name a few, so vote for your favorite heartthrob.